Chaoyang Street Street

Construction Procedures

in 1952, it belongs to Xinhe Township in the suburban art.

1958, belonging to the East Tun Ten, May 1, Mars 2 Brigade.

In 1975, the new Changsha train new station, May 1, Mars 2 brigade into the Beijing-Guangzhou completion of the East, set Chaoyang, Chaoyang Second, May 1 East, the people 5 villages.

In September 1978, Chaoyang New Village Street is located.

March 1984, Chaoyang Xincun Street renamed Chaoyang Street Street.

Administrative division

Division in the section

In 1997, Renmin Road Renmin Road and Renmin Village First Committee, Second Committee, and the Third Committee 4 community Street.

As of the end of 2011, Chaoyang Street Street has jurisdiction, Wuyi East Village, 6 communities, Shuguang, Erlum, People's New Village, set 295 resident groups.

In 2012, Chaoyang Street Street has 6 communities, Chaoyang Community, Chaoyang Community, Xiangli Community, and People's New Village Community.

Chaoyang Street Street

Details of the zone

As of June 2020, Zhang Chaoyang Street has 6 communities: Chaoyang Community, Wuyi East Village Community, Xiangzhao Community, Erry Community, People New Village Community, Shuguang Community, and Sub-district Office in the north of Wuyi East Village.

Geographical Environment

  • location Domain

Chaoyang Street Street The southwestern part of Furong District, the junction of the Wuli Street Road and the Wuli Street, the south and Yuhua District Zuzi Tang Street is adjacent, the west and literary streets are connected, and the north to Wuyi Road is adjacent to Wuli Street. The area is 1.36 square kilometers.

In Changsha Furong District Chaoyang Street Office


According to the sixth census data, as of November 1, 2010, the total population of Chaoyang Street is 38513 people. .

As of the end of 2011, there are 4,6193 people in Chaoyang Street Street, including 34,684 residents in the urban, urbanization rate of 75%; in the total population, 23,800 men, accounting for 51.23 million women. 4.8.3%; 5,500 people under 18, accounting for 11.9%; 18-60 years old, accounting for 72.1%; 7376 people over 60 years old, accounting for 16%; the Han is dominated by Han nationality, accounting for 96% There are 1864 people, accounting for 4%, including 739 Tujia people, 40% of the population of ethnic minorities; Miao nationality, accounting for 30%; Yao people 184, accounting for 10%; 147 people, 8%; Hui 92 people, accounting for 5%; other ethnic minorities have a total of 148 people, accounting for 8%. In 2011, the birth rate of Zhang Chaoyang Street Street is 6.5 ‰, the population mortality is 5.6 ‰, the population has a natural growth rate of 0.9 ‰, and the population density is 33,965 per square kilometer.


As of the end of 2011, there is 1217 commercial outlets in Chaoyang Street; Digital Electronic Science and Technology Street in Changsha, Changsha, is a sales distribution area of ​​electronic technology products. There are 9 computer markets, with a total operating area of ​​200,000 square meters.

Social undertakings

education Career

As of the end of 2011, there were 4 kindergartens in Chaoyang Street. There were 1482 children in the park; 3,000 students were 3,000 in schools; 2,000 secondary schools (Chang Iron 1), 281 faculty members.

Stylistic career

As of the end of 2011, there is 3 provincial cultural art groups in Chaoyang Street (Hunan Flower Drum Drama, Beijing Theater, Hunan Theater), 1 provincial library ( Hunan Library), 7 public books room, 2 theater, 2 Cultural Palace. As of the end of 2011, there were 9 outdoor sports fits in the streets, 2 indoor events, 6 aerobics, soft balls, waist drum teams, square dance, fitness dance and morning training team and other mass sports activities.

Medical and health

As of the end of 2011, there is 3 hospitals in Chaoyang Street (Changsha Eighth Hospital, Changsha Yires Maternity Hospital and Furong District Parish Hospital), Street Community Health Service Center 1, 6 community health service stations; 616 beds; 675 professional health personnel.

Social security

2011 Employment, employment difficult personnel re-employed 149, zero employment home dynamic employment assistance 100%; 511 vocational training, including 46 business training, 165 unemployed skills training, 300 business workers training; new business basic pension insurance The number of people will increase the number of people; the number of newly added insured people; the number of urban employees have added 776 new insured people; the basic medical insurance registration of urban residents is 22,731; the number of new insured people of work injury insurance is 650 people.


Chaoyang Street Street Main Traffic Darter has Shuguang North Road, Jiefang East Road, Chaoyang Road, Station Middle Road, etc.

Historical Culture

  • The name of the place is

Chaoyang Street Street is named after the street office in the new village.

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