Changsha Zoo

Historical Changes

As early as 1934, Changsha Tianxin Park attached to the zoo, more than 20 animals. In 1951, it was actions in the Children's Park.

1956 Children's Park changed the boy home, in the southwest corner of the Martyrs Park.

1958 Changsha Zoo is relocated, formally listed. After decades of efforts, the park has become the viewing, breeding and scientific research base of wildlife, breeding and scientific research bases in Hunan Province. There are 17 cage house rooms.

The whole garden flowers in the four seasons, summer shades, summer, winter wind, wind, cold. More than 3,700 meters long hedges between flower beds, lawns, bamboo gardens, peach forests, with stone table stone benches, forming a garden, giving tourists, have a good viewing environment.

On November 18, 2008, in the 2008 China Zoo Association Zhongnan Cooperative District Annual Conference, the Dean of the Changsha City Animal Garden Hospital, Shi Zai, Zauda, ​​Six Six Provincial Zoo Experts showed its own invention Animal moving tool, and revealed that "the overall relocation plan of the Changsha Zoo" has officially introduced, so that you will enter the tested phase in the garden.

185 1960 animals in the Changsha Zoo will be divided into three batches to Changsha Ecological Zoo.


Changsha Zoo was created in 1956 with a total area of ​​4.6 hectares. Located in the northeast of urban areas, Beibei Road in the north, 3rd traffic passes through the door, Nanmen Tong Hunan Martyrs Park.

The whole park is raised, and there are more than 200 kinds of rare wild animals, more than 2000 heads (only), including 15 kinds of large beasts and carnivores, 52 species of birds, turtles, snakes The frogs and other amphibious crawls are 350 species, 250 species of tropical ocean animals, raising Asian elephants, Northeast Tiger, Cloud Leopard, Antelope, Golden Monkey, Yangzi, Dand Crane, White Pelican and other countries to protect wild animals more than 40 species Giraffe, hippo, African lion, zebra, chimpanzee, mountain, Arabic, etc., there are more than 10 kinds of tropical animals, the green shade, the environment is beautiful, the animal is new, beautiful, the plantation animals are vivid, fragrant, flowers, flowers Blossoming, Huawu Four Seasons is always green, summer can be shade summer, winter wind wind and cold.

More than 3,700 meters long hedges are between the flower beds, lawns, bamboo gardens, peach forests, with stone table stone bench, form a garden, create a good viewing environment for tourists.

Here, you are here, not only the place where you rest, but also popular wildlife science knowledge, let your youth explore the ideal place for natural mystery and open the window of scientific civilization.

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Scenic Area Characteristics

World Animal Paradise: Changsha Zoo is inhabiting a habitat from Equatorial, tropical rainforest, temperate, plateau, sea, desert, grassland, forest, rivers and lakes, desert, and grassland's rare beasts, more than 1,000, one of them more than 20 kinds of animals.

Changsha Zoo

Northeast Tiger, African lion, cloud leopard, money leopard, big panda, little panda, golden cat, orangutan, 狒, gibbon, zebra, pony, peacock, Danding crane and other feeding volumes are above one pair above. There are Asian elephants, hippics, etc. Only monkeys, there is a variety such as black monkey, bear monkey, galler monkey, macaque, long tail monkey, lazy monkey, red moon. Among them, there is my country's specialties of Changsha Zoo Zebra giant panda, beautiful, cute; there is a Dand crane who is slow and singing dance, and the body is small, the fierce tiger leopard, the tall camel, Mei Deer; Big pyth; sly fox; naughty monkey; colorful peacock, swan, 鸳鸯, brown horses, golden chicken; parrot and ocean animal seals.

There is also from abroad, homework, elephants, and majestic lions.

Zhenyuan Treasure: Panlong Yuanqun snake dance, all kinds of famous turtles are not in danger, the giant bay crocodile "Tumbled to the river" makes you look, and there is a precious town of the giant panda. Bao - sputum (estimated age 80). 5 live spots have been found in the world, and this sputum of the Changsha Zoo is still the only female in the family.

Aquarium: Investing nearly 10 million yuan in Changsha dolphin dolphins, sea lion's wonderful performance, so you laugh up. The ocean pavilion exhibits a variety of colorful, and has different ocean motivations, creatures. The mystery of endless world is here.

Comprehensive domestic animal, the thrilling performances are free to watch all day, so that the general public will appreciate the wonderful water stunts of large marine animals.

Main results

In terms of feeding and domestication, Changsha Zoo has achieved a certain results, and the wild icon "numbness" has been able to perform the mouthpien, knock the drum, the high stage turnt circle and The audience offers ceremony.

In the case of protecting the ecological environment, the first protective education workstation in Hunan Province in Hunan Province in Changsha Zoo is established. Through the use of the zoo base, publicize the environmental education project for the purpose of protecting the ecological environment with the "Volunteer Team", appeals to citizens to actively participate in the improvement of public welfare projects in the natural environment.

In science education, Changsha Zoo is a professional zoo, the largest professional zoo in Hunan Province. It is not only a place to rest, but also popular wild animal science knowledge, explore natural mystery, open science. The ideal place for civilized windows, is subject to the Science Education Base.


Changsha Ecological Zoo is located in Yunyun Town, Changsha County, is in length, strain, Tanjin triangle, only 18 kilometers away from the three urban districts, 107 national roads, three ring lines From the three directions of East, West, North, the traffic is very convenient, there is excellent regional advantage, and the radiant face is wide.

Changsha Ecological Zoo has accounted for 5,000 mu, more than 70 times more than Changsha Zoo, by parking area, central square park, pedestrian park, stocking animal park, tourist reception center, animal science, animal Wild training area, eco-leisure area, administrative area, and 10 districts of business management areas.

The park will raise more than 300 wild animals, more than 20,000 heads. The reception of tourists is expected to reach more than 2 million.

The feature of the walking animal park is to isolate the iron cage isolation of the urban zoo by trench; there is a stimulating landscape of the animal's weak meat, and the animals will be trained. Night animal viewing area allows visitors to see animals at night. In addition, Changsha Ecological Zoo also added animals' research and reproduction, protection, science education, leisure and tourism services, etc., which can provide more complete services to visitors.

The parking lot in the park can accommodate more than 1,300 small cars and more than 100 vehicles.

Compared to the domestic and foreign wildlife "people, the people in the outside", Changsha Ecological Zoo highlights "new, odd, special" theme, changing the previous animal ornamental display, It is a tourist leisure cultural and entertainment center with distinctive development, with animal orientation, animal performance, scientific research and reproduction, science education and tourism, leisure, and entertainment.

Geography Transportation

Changsha Zoo is located 466 Dewa Road, Kaifu District, Northeast Changsha City, Northern Deta Road, Nanmen Tong Hunan Martyrs Park, 704 Road, Bus No. 303, 131, and 113.

Changsha Ecological Zoo is located in Yunyun Town, Changsha County, Changsha County, Changsha County, and the construction of Furong South Road in the west planning and construction. The East League 107 National Highway, north to the city highway, from three The city center is approximately 18 kilometers.

Changsha people can depart from the center of Changsha, along the Fu Rong South Road to the ecological zoo leisure; Zhuzhou and Xiangtan people can start from Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, along Changtan Expressway, Jingbei Road to the Ecological Zoo Road go sightseeing.

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