Changsha Black Emperor National Forest Park

Synonym Black Erbert National Forest Park General refers to Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park

Geographical Environment

Location Board

Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park is located in Hunan Province North suburbs of Changsha City, Northern Kaifang Town, Nanlian Kaifu District, East and Changsha County, China, the West Looking at Yangqiao Village, the people in Changsha is only 19 kilometers from Changsha, the city, geographical coordinates 112 ° 59 '52.59 "~ 113 ° 0'10.50", the north latitude 28 ° 26'45.33 "~ 28 ° 25'43.50" is 4,079 hectares.

Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park

Topographic Landform

Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park main peak is 590.5 meters. The mountain range extends to the southwest, ending in the east bank of Xiangjiang River, the area is large, and the roof is mostly extension, and the surface is relieved. The forest park is a typical landscape, peaks and ridges, and the ridges and horizontal, in part to form a steep cliff cliff.

Climate characteristics

Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park Annual average temperature 13.8 ° C ~ 14.4 ° C, annual average precipitation of 1410.8 mm. In the hottest moon (7 to August), the average temperature was about 26.0 ° C, and the main urban area of ​​Changsha was 3 ° C.

Natural resources

Plant Resource

As of 2000, Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park has a green gang octic, bitter, eucalyptus, maple, Typical zone of hematophytes and white ribs, red, orange wood, etc. There are 651 species of seed plant 124 subjects. Among them, there are 113 species of medicinal value. There are more than 20 species of more than 20 species of landscape plants such as sagulous, fragrant flowers, moon, hibiscus, Ziwei, Furong, tea plum, red maple, rhododendron and other landscape plants.

Changsha Black Emperor National Forest Park

Animal resources

As of 2000, there are 71 wild animals in Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park, including 28 kinds of beast, 25 species of birds, 11 crawled classes. And two types of amphibians. It is listed as 8 kinds of national protection. Common wild animals have wild boar, South China rabbit, Chinese bamboo rat, hidden flower squirrel, circular neck, bamboo chicken, egret, oriental 螈, etc.

Main Attractions

Black Donkey Temple

Black Di Temple is the Dongyang Temple, located in the western laisto of the black 麋, is built in Tang Ruizong Taiji Year to Tang Xuanzong Tianbao fifteen years (725 AD 755), nearly 1300 years ago, according to the Eight Immortals, Lu Dongbin entered the mountain, the secret, the doctor said that "Dongyang Mountain" is included in "Thirty" The twenty-four of the six-hole Tianfu Land, is dedicated to Liu Xiangu, Zhou Zhen, the building area is about 400 square meters, which is the temple-style college building style, divided into the front, middle, back hall, and east, west hatchback. Before, the Hall was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, reconstructed in the 1990s, for the masonry structure; the back temple is the Qing Dynasty stone structure building, which is supported by Shi Liang Shizhu. After four years (1576), it was transformed into Dongyang ancient temple, and Zen is the first of the four major holy land of Buddhism in Changsha.

Tour photo flower

four flowers for the leaves of the leaf of the leaves, with good ornamental value and edible value, there is more than 800 meters above sea level, for the middle, mountain zone The important composition of the summit in the summit. At the top of the forest park, there were 4 strains of four-shot of ancient trees, and the four-litter is 40 cm, which is about 5 meters high.


Shouquan is located in Dongyang Village under Black Dragon Mountain, only 80 meters from Shouzimoni, the wellhead shape, 1.9 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, deep 1.2 Meter. According to legend, ancient times visited the famous mountain, and the longevity elderly who absorb the essence of the heavens and the earth were digging in the black 麋 peak. The pit was poured out of Qingquan. So, everyone calls it as Shouquan.

Shou graphite

Shouzimi is located in the valley of the entrance of the forest park door, and the mountain is slurry, the boulder is 4.2 meters long, 4 meters wide, 2 meters high The boulders deeply pulled a lotus script of the traditional book, the Shouzi is 1.88 meters, 1.08 meters wide, and the human sympathetic stone.

Seven Buddha

Seven Buddha is located in the top of the black uka, consisting of seven Buddha. The pagoda is made of stone and cement concrete, 3.5 meters high, a selection, tower, and Tower. Taji is like a lotus seat, below the top of the tower, the tower is a complete small tower, and is composed of a brake, brake, brake top and the brake.

Xiaoxiang Tianchi

Xiaoxiang Tianchi is located in the half-mountain waist of the forest park, normal water storage level is 400 meters, the water area is 43.6 hectares, the average water depth is 26 meters, the total storage capacity is 99.65,000 Cubic meters, the western side of the warehouse is up to 50 meters cliffs; the southeast is the towering black 麋 峰, saving the mountains and green bamboo forests; the northeastern side is located in the top of the mountain, the foot of the mountain is zone Lin and Bamboo Forest are the main body of Huaxi canyon landscape; there are more than 10 small peninsulas in the lake.

Development and construction

Basic construction

As of 2000, Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park is connected to the outside, 32.3 kilometers of internal hardship roads, There are 500 parked, 9.7 km of Mason's tour.

Brand Construction

2000, the Black Owf Forest Park was approved by the Provincial Government Office as provincial forest parks.

In January 2012, it was approved by the State Forestry Administration as a national forest park.

2014, successfully created a national AAAA level scenic spot.



self-driving route: Changsha City Furong North Road connects Changxiang Road, driving in Xiangyin half an hour to enter Wangcheng County Bridge The town, then transfer to the countryside road to the Black Owf Forest Park (indicate), from the Changsha Car 1 hour, Deloda Park, the park has cement road straight to the top of the mountain. Park is 25 kilometers from Wangcheng County, with cement roads.

Bus route: There is direct bus from the North Railway Station, arriving around 1 hour. China is divided into two, and the time to black and the peak is: 8:40 am, 14:00 pm. Departure time in Changsha, China is: 6:30 am, 9:40 am, 15:00 pm.

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Historical Humanities


Pengzu, who is more than 800, comes to black 麋 peak, taste After Shouquan, see this wind and sunny, the scenery is pleasant, so sleeping, this sleep is sleeping three days and three nights. After Peng Zu, people saw the stone horizontal and vertical sweat, and they did an end of life. It's strange, it seems to be a little bit of life than the table, there is no one who has passed his person, so there is folk song: "Someone sleeps, can be old with life." The legend of Shouyi reflects the beautiful wishes of people eager to live in life.

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