Changchun University of Staff

History History

In April 1976, he was approved by the CCP Changchun Municipal Party Committee.

November 1980, approval by the Jilin Provincial People's Government (Ji Zhengfa [1980] No. 270).

in 1982, it was filed by the Ministry of Education (Teachers' Agricultural Frame 016).

School conditions

Teacher's power

Changchun University of Workshop has 80 teachers, 60 full-time teachers. The full-time teachers have 52 lecturers, associate professors, and professors.

Professional settings

to set up three teaching department, open professional: Marketing, property management, business English, e-commerce, insurance, accounting computerization, economic enterprise management , Computer application and information management, law, Chinese language and literature, computer art design, clothing design, electrical control and testing, electromechanical integration, machinery manufacturing process and equipment, industrial appliance automation, supply electricity technology, business management, computer application Technology, Art Design, Law.

Teaching construction

Changchun Staff University has enrolled college degree in 1978. Since the establishment of the school, more than 30,000 professional talents with college degree have been cultivated for Changchun City. 50,000 people have accepted the training, continuing education, etc. in Changchun University of Technology. After most of the students studying in the University of Staff, most of them become units of technical backbone and leadership.

Get Honor

Changchun Workers University is an improvement in the city's working class culture and business quality, and has played an important role in the construction of two civilization in Changchun, and the school has been used by the Ministry of Education, The leadership organs such as the China National Federation of Trade Unions awarded the title of "Advanced School".

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