Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway

Construction History

g25 Tianjin to Dongying Section and G18 Rongwu Expressway, Xingning To Longchuan Section and G78 Some lines of Shankun Expressway, the common line block mileage is indicated by the value of long highway .

Long Expressway (6 photos)

Recently, it is entrusted by the Jilin Provincial Department of Transport, the Jilin Provincial High-grade Highway Construction Bureau has held Changchun, Changchun, Changchun Pre-examination and construction plan design for the construction drawing of Shuangliao section. Jilin Provincial Department of Transportation Department, Jilin Provincial Department of Transportation Department, Construction Department of Jilin Provincial Transportation Department, Jilin Expressway Administration, Jilin Provincial High-grade Highway Construction Bureau, Jilin Provincial Traffic Planning and Design Institute, Jilin Traffic The engineering cost management station participates in the meeting. The meeting heard the report of the Housing Construction Design Unit Liaoning Provincial Traffic Planning and Design Institute. The construction drawing design review unit pays an opinion in the representatives of the Xi'an Lid Road Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. and the participating departments. Participants and experts are discussed, and considers construction drawing in line with national standards, some design content requires supplement, modification, and improvement. The improved construction drawing design documents can be used as construction basis.

October 26, 2015, Daling to Shuangliao Section was built into the train trial operation. Dalling to Shuangliao section route is 118.501 kilometers, from Dalings Town, Gonglings, finally in Shuangliao City, the whole line adopts two-way four-lane highway standard, full enclosure, full over, design speed 120 km / h, adoption Asphalt concrete pavement, there is a 6 toll station and Wai Decheng, Shuangli Town, Shuangshi Town, Shuangshi Town, Shuangshi Town, Shuangshan Town, Budgetary Investment 5.394 billion yuan, start construction on October 31, 2012, originally planned to be built on October 30, 2015, now open in advance.

Gaoqing to Guangfu section is 54.402 kilometers long, total investment of 4.592 billion yuan, two-way four lanes, opened on November 30, 2019.

December 22, 2020, Jiande to Jinhua Section opened, and the logo is full of traffic.

September 14, 2021, the Haihe special bridge successfully completed the cross-examination test.

Key Project

G25 Changshu Expressway Kangping section starting at Haizhou Wo, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Junction of Liaoning Province Fort Township, with the inside of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Changchun to Shenzhen Expressway, Die Jingti Su (Mongolia) section, the route is crossing the river in the north to the south, Jingxiang, Qi Xiangwei , Yuanjiaclu Western, East Taiping Street West, Waist Taiping Street East, cross Liao Jihu Duo, Kangping Prison West, Willow Intitono East, Cui Jiawei West, 300 days, Waist, 300 days The first three hundred days, the northern four hometown west, relying on Longshan West, Huan Sanhe Fort East, the end of Dong Sanhe Fort and Shenyang (Yi Niu Fude) to the Kangping Expressway, the route is 23.73 km.

Board cases

Jilin Province

full line

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

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< H3> Liaoning Province

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Shandong Province



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March 22, 2021, Yixing The East Toll Station is open.

Anhui Province

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December 22, 2020, Ninghang section changed the construction of the engineering.

Fujian Province



full line

October 1, 2020, Huihe section Baishi interoperable. On December 26th, Meizhou Kwai Gang mutual traffic vehicle. On March 22, 2021, Huihe Expressway small gold mouth toll station export revoked.

Technology Puzzle

Changshu Expressway Dalings to Shuangliao Section is located in the west plains of Jilin, high vertical line indicators, can be used for vehicle driving speed, easy to cause The driver's attention is scattered, and the alertability is lowered, and it is more likely to cause a large speed difference between the small passenger car and the truck, especially the speed of the (out) flow zone into (out) the vehicle is low, and the main line is driving high-speed. The vehicle forms a large segment speed difference and a traffic conflict, causing a traffic accident. Considering this unfavorable factor, use interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) technology to prepare an environmentally friendly active prepolymerization resin PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) film forming material; using surface hydrophobic treatment, high temperature sintering technology, Color non-slip aggregates with rainy night reflective function have been developed for highly tarwa, low-temperature and rapid construction of environmentally friendly anti-slip coatings. The research and promotion of this technology is to improve the safety design measures of high-index highways, eliminate hidden dangers during the project construction stage, and reduce property losses.

Strategic meaning

long (spring) deep (Spring) Expressway, it is of great significance for improving national expressway networks, promoting social and economic development alongline.

July 6, 2015, the Kangping section of Changshu Expressway was opened to traffic. At this point, Changchun to Shenzhen Expressway has been completed in the Liaoning territory. Another national highway network "breakway" in the territory of Liaoning Province was eliminated.

The completion of the project is not only important to improve the backward transportation situation in the northern part of Liaoning Province, and the development regional economy is of great significance, and will be a fast passage of the sea in the west of Jilin, the eastern Inner Mongolia.

Long Expressway Dalings to Shuangliao Section is an important part of Jilin Province Expressway Network Planning. This highway connection has been built with the great highway and the great highway of the Daguang Expressway, and basically realizes the full line of Changshui Expressway. It has become the second flight in the western region of Jilin, which is Jilin Province. The second largest passage in Beijing, which is 30 km from the Jingha Expressway.

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