Changbai Teachers College

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In 1929, Jilin University (ie Jilin Provincial University), founded in Jilin City, Jilin Province, is the predecessor of Changbai Normal University, and the predecessor of Jilin University is Jilin Law .

On May 24, 1929, Jilin University began enrollment, hired Zhang Zuo as the principal, Li Xi En as Vice President. School setup method, two colleges and a special part. Department of Education, Legal Department, Department of Polytechnicia; All the two hospitals have preparatory, specializing in the special law. There are 38 teachers, three hundred and ninety-three students, including ninety-one, specialist eighty people, preparatory two hundred and six. After the 1993r III, Jilin University was suspended.

In 1934, the Japanese imperialist rule was established in Jilin City. In 1938, he changed to the Jilin Missionary College. In 1942, Yijie Jilin Mission University, with undergraduate and preparatory, the academic system is three years of undergraduate, and is expected for one year.

1946 spring The principal has served as the general of Jilin Military Region Command, and any Xilin Contest. On May 28, 1946, the People's Liberation Army followed the strategic decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which took the initiative to withdraw from Jilin City, and Jilin University also withdrew. The Kuomintang established the Changbai Teachers College in Ji University, with 11 Series (National, English, History, Education, Physical and Chemical, Museum, Home Policy, Sports, Music, etc.).

In March 1948, on the eve of the second ST in Jilin City, some teachers and students of Changbai Normal University moved to Shenyang, and then moved to Beiping. At the same time, the People's Liberation Army resumed the University of Jilin.

July 3, 1948, Northeastern University and Jilin University merged, named Northeast University (now Northeast Normal University). Appointed Zhang Ru Xin as the principal, He Xilin is the Minister of Education. Jilin University Professor Wang Lin, Sun Changxu, Ma Zhonglin, Lian Dynasty, Wang En, Ding Quan, Wang Di Guang, etc. also hired in Northeastern University, enriching the team of teachers. At school, students have 2164 students. Among them, there were 626 Northeastern University, 393 Jilin University, 854 Changchun University, 46 Changchun College, 18 Northeast Sciences, 9 Northeast Sciences, 9 Northeast Institute, 218 new students recruited. After the school, the construction committee was established. Responsible by Liu Yun, Ge Huibo, etc.

March 1949, after the Liberation of Beiping, the teachers and students of the Changbai Teachers College returned to Changchun. It was selected to enter Northeastern University (now Northeast Normal University). The original Changbai Normal University students have compiled Three three classes, the class teacher is Li Wei. According to the "Regulations on the Treatment of Students in Ping Northeast School", the Chinese, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geographical, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Changchuan University of Northeastern University, Changchun University, Changbai Normal University and Dongda First Co-service Plants, animals, museums, laws, politics, family politics, sports, secretary of the specialist students, and historical graduate students, two thousand and eighty-six people, pay Northeast University.

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