Synonym-type variations Generally referred to the cavity

Structural Standard

Make a play or the music of the drama through a variety of different plates. This structure is characterized by the form of the development of the basic music material and the flexible change. Various panels that are adjusted by the same type can be considered as a result of a basic version of development. The drama of the scorpion, the population system can be used as a representative of the chamber and has a significant impact in the development of modern drama music. In the art, such as a big drum, Henan pendant, etc., is a chamber.

Singing form

Character, is a singular singleton of scorpion, tunes, etc. The singles of the chamber are different from the long short sentences of the truck, but the five words, seven words and ten poems of the following sentences. One three five no matter, the second four six rhymes, the last word of a single sentence is a tone, the last word of the double sentence is a flat voice. No limit, other words are unlimited, the tunes and sing cavity are not limited, so don't pay the words, not formatted, four restrictions, sometimes can sing more than 100 sentences, such as the Beijing Opera "Cry the ancestors". Sometimes you can sing two sentences. The same singing, can sing a pair of panels, or sing three-eyed panel, which is relatively free. The chamber also has a certain number of sets. Such as [guide] pick [回龙] turn [original], [bulk] transfer [original] and turn [plate] and so on. These two singing systems are completely different from the history of the drama, such as the Kunshan cavity, the yang cavity is the trick body, such as from the scorpion, the skin yellow cavity is used.

History Development

The main adjustment of the yellow plus play chamber is named after its melody, longer than the narrative characteristics. It is originally called "seven plates" because sings a full upper sentence is naming. The early premature words are the striking structure, and when repeated cyclic singing, people feel that the melody is too monotonous, so the artists will change the first sentence to unstable fall 6 when the artisan will perform multiple cycles. The human and the first change, thereby forming a four sentence structural sound cavity having a rotational characteristics. In order to play the board at the time of singing, the landing plate and the other tunes are convenient, the Huangmei opera artist creates a sentence, the reverse sentence, and is used to convert other tuning clamps and other plates, form a complete single-band sound cavity structure.

Why is it that the plate has a plate, a slate, a panel such as a slate, because a complete cavity system has only some simple landing plates, just as The large number of Cunches also has simple plate structures such as lifting, slamming plates, and trip, which can only belong to the single, and the predetermined words can only belong to the single-band sound cavity.

Such single-band structure is to meet the emotional need for expression of the complicated and variable. Therefore, the artist combines some folk songs similar to some music colors when singing the words.

Frame structure

two lines

two lines, composed of two-and-lower sentence structures. The second line is used for 2/4 taking a test spectrum. When a section is equal to the 4/4 section, the actual speed is relatively slower than the word, usually used to recall the episode and feel excited, There is a feeling of endlessness.

three lines

There is a variation in three lines, and its cavity structure is exactly the same, but the speed is slightly faster than the second line, the cavity is more concise. Therefore, it seems that the sound jump is large, and the general one is tone, it is suitable for emotion, and the description of the excitement, with 2/4 of the beat memory. From the perspective of the adjustment and melody of the second line, it seems to be a cavity that is derived from the word word, but from its second sentence, it is very popular from the rhythm of weakness. The big difference, and then compared with the second line of the old Ding Yongquan, I was compared with the two lines of today's second lines, and found that the two lines of the second line were high, the structure is complete, and the current style. The characteristics have a big difference, whereby the style of the two lines today is gradually assimilated after the influence of the prefers, and the early two lines should be a separate track.

Eight board

and eight panels are often used frequently. The eight panels are 4/4 tedles, which are the rodents of the rods of each other, and the gongs of their accompaniment is also eight shots, so it is called eight boards. Eight boards have a variation, the cavity is fire, the fire attack sentence and the melody are the same as eight boards, but the speed is faster than eight boards.

The name of the fire attack is based on its style and the word, the words have a gentleness of the melody, and the fire is a very urgent meaning. Eight boards, the fire attack cavity is less, the melody is more rough, concise. Fast, suitable for panic, angry, reprimand, hate, etc., slowly, suitable for depression, disappointment, Jiaoqi and other emotions. It has its own dedicated gongs and drum ideas, can sing independently, and it can be seen in the early days. The combination of eight boards and peers is more early, and the male and female concecked singles are also carried out like the peers.

Template type

The above two tunes are similar to the rhythm. They have a similar, the modest is the same, the melody is close, and the character is consistent. It is a melody, longer than the narrative The commonality is therefore easy to combine. After they are used, they solve some contradictions in the polar pace of the predecessor.

For more detail, accurate expression of various emotions of the characters, the word will further use the different tunes of mood together.

The color cavity is the early Huangmei play team in the rural performance, the actor used the dedicated tune used by the audience, formerly known as the original name, and later referred to as the color chamber. The maximum difference between the color chamber and the premium is singing, but the melody is slightly jumped to the senior area when the female voice is singing. The character is slightly intensive, which is gorgeous. The color cavity is also a four sentence, a single unit, which not only forms its own inspection, in the development process, but also derived the "pair of board" and "water plate" that were consistent with the body style of the color chamber. Different rhythms such as "Rollerboard" have completed the transition of simple single song to complete single. It can be said that if it is not used to use it frequently, it will definitely form a separate chamber system in the process of its own development. Today's color cavity can only be considered a plate-style single, it is good at expressing comfortable, pleasant emotions, has strong expressiveness and unique color, so they are united to express joyful atmosphere, solve the concern The contradiction between festive color.

Opera features

Improve the dramatic dramatic drama of the drama cavity, is to ask the sound cavity of the opera to express complex and changeable character emotions, and to adapt to this requirement, Chinese opera first by the auditor I took the road of the tangkair set. The so-called set of sound cavities, the tune of a large number of different rhythm, different emotional color is absorbed as a sound cavity to showcase the multi-change psychological activities formed in contradictory conflicts. The dollar drama formed in the beginning of China's drama, the middle-level stage is the road. The whole feast period is Kunqu, which has developed the sound set of the tongue to the peak of omnipotent. The second is the road to the cavity of the cavity. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the local drama drama was booming. Although they are formed on a large number of folk songs, most of them are not intended, only individual tunes of the ability, the melody expansion capacity, through the method, the rhythm, the rhythm, derived a series of different rhythmical plates To meet the needs of the sound cavity. The slumon opera, a scorpion cavity, and the Qin chambers are such a sound cavity. Here is the case as an example.

The two yellow parent is "薅薅" from East, belongs to a part of the mountain song. Its basis is a simple structure of the upper and lower sentences. During the circulation process, farmers' fishwear often eliminates its rhythm or disassembly, or tighten all kinds of different lovers when using its narrative lyrics. Therefore, this folk song itself has the ability to express different emotions during the formation process. When it was used as a sound cavity into the chi (the predecessor of the Chinese Opera), the artists at the time did not let the old road of the joint entrained cavity formed in the long history, but the characteristics of this folk song itself, when expressing emotions, Extend the melody rhythm; simplify the melody rhythm of the melody to form a variety of different rhythmical plates to meet the needs of human emotions. This panel cavity formed by folk songs, allows the style of the sound cavity to maintain a high degree of consistency, making the actor easy to master, and the audience is also easy to remember, so there is a wide range of viewer groups, so that the board cavity The sound cavity is widely circulated, and it is solid to take the root.

Contemporary development

contemporary, also emerged in the development of the cultural cavity of the folk songs, the Northeast Ji Drama, Longjiang drama is the two people Based on the basis of the plate cavity sound cavity drama. Two people turned into the art form of singing performances, very popular in Northeast, the audience's request to try to perform a large repertoire of the performance of the plot, but when used these original form of songs to express the variety of human emotions When and complicated plots, the original sound cavity structure is found to meet the needs of complex social content and various people's emotions. It is necessary to improve their adaptability and performance level without changing the original. The masses welcome the music style, only on the basis of the original music melody, then the road to the cavity of the cavity is inevitable. This new type of drama formed on the basis of folk songs, almost in the case of people who were not perceived, because their musical workers used their conscious use of the atrophic knowledge, directly from the beginning. Extend the audience familiar with the audience, the favorite folk songs expanded into a coked cavity, which greatly reduced the development cycle of the sound cavity of the monomeric cavity.

Frame difference

Chinese opera music in the form is roughly divided into two categories: "song" and "board cavity", if the Beijing opera is "board cavity" music Outstanding representative, then Kunqu is an excellent model of "songs" music. "Strong" also said "brand" is gradually reserved in the past, and has a relatively fixed melody tune. Each piece has a nice name, such as "point the lips, the end is just right, new water orders, drunk, pink butterfly, a flower", etc. The "Nine-palace Dacheng Northern Palace" of the eight-year book of Qing Emperor Qianlong collected 1513 south songs and 581 North songs. So many songs left a rich cultural heritage for China's opera music.

Opera music music is always a singing service, tightly combined with the singing, and the singing of the "panel" is different due to the different structural forms, and the music structure has also determined the difference in music structure. Taking the "bodied" national drama Beijing opera as an example, its singing is the seven words of two, two, three words and three sentences, and the three sentences of the three, four, even "two, three sizes" and The above-mentioned sentence is symmetrical. Such as: seven-character sentences (Su San took Hongdong County, will be in front of the street, did not open the heart, the past, the gentleman listened to the slavery ...), the crush (see the king in the account, here, here Outside the bill and scattered ...), five clauses (anger Yang Yanzhao, stupid listening to the seedlings, life to patrol, privately put the trick ...). This is also the contest with the peak singing. It is true to overcome the top-theienale structure, in some back to the dragon cavity and a next sentence, the singing is also plus the sentence or the lining in order to make the sing cavity melody. But in general, the Beijing opera icon is an even sentence, that is, there must be a sentence, if there is a plot, do not need the sentence, sweep away with the "sweep". This is a special case, so-called "four, six, eight sentences" indicates that the Beijing opera sing is dual sentence. As the "Skills", the singing structure of the Kunqu is the long short sentence from the Song word. The "Night" of the "Night" is the singular five sentences. "Distinguishment, listen to the disabled jade leak, escape, there is a country's difficult to invest, the answer". The number of words in these five sentences is arranged in 4, 4, 3, 4, 5.

Significant Description

It is necessary to explain that the Kunqu singing and true words (such as Song words) are different, the Song word is not lined and the Kunqu sing can be lined. The "point of the lips" in front appreciates, "Oh, good," "five lining, the fifth sentence, plus a virtual word" child ". The Beijing Opera has played a "official" "" 将 中 豪 豪 豹 豹 豹................. Its structure is standard 4, 4, 3, 4, 5. Another example is the "Mountain Tower" "Mountain Tour" in Kunqu Tall, which consists of 14 sentences to 7, 7, 7, 8, 3, 5, 4, 4, 4, 5, 2, 6, 2. 6. ...

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