CertiFiber Multimode Optical Cable Tester


CertiFiber can quickly certify and test fibers. You only need to press a key, and CertiFiber will automatically test fiber length, attenuation and other parameters on dual light and dual wavelengths, and Calculate the loss margin based on the selected working standard by yourself, compare the test results and quickly give the PASS/FALL test results. With the free LinkWare cable management software, the stored test results can be uploaded to the computer and managed. CertiFiber can test more links in a shorter time.

Product overview


Automatic testing

Automatic testing is the biggest feature, CertiFiber’s automatic testing features make certification testing very Simple. When you press the automatic test button, the loss/length test of dual wavelength and dual fiber, margin calculation, PASS/FAIL judgment and analysis, etc. are automatically completed, and the PASS/FAIL result of each fiber is given.

Save test time and increase productivity. The kit includes a host and a remote machine. Each machine contains a 850/1300nm dual-wavelength LED light source and an optical power meter, which makes it possible to complete Rx/Tx at one time in the automatic test mode. Dual-wavelength testing of optical fiber pairs. It is also very convenient to connect with the optical cable link. The interchangeable optical fiber interface module supports most popular optical fiber link interfaces. Easily obtain test reports and test results. The content of the database of LinkWare cable management software cannot be modified. The wiring manufacturer can submit LinkWare together with the test results to the user, and pass the high-quality test results to ensure the quality of the project.

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The biggest feature

In the automatic test mode, you can perform dual-wavelength dual-fiber testing with just one click.

Using dual-wavelength light sources to test light at 850nm and 1300nm Power, attenuation and length

Clearly indicate PASS/FAIL results through automatic result analysis

Test the length of the optical link to facilitate the calculation of engineering costs

No need to exchange Host and remote computers can perform two-way testing

10001 test results with identifiers can be stored according to user requirements

Easy to choose test standards

Easy-to-replace test interface

Use the free LinkWareTM report software to communicate with PC

Compact and strong, suitable for on-site environment use

Product specifications

Basic parameters

Temperature range: working temperature: 0℃~+45℃, storage temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Humidity range: working humidity: 10-90 %RH, storage humidity: 5-95%RH

Certification: CE, CSA

Host size: 8×18×4cm

Remote size: 8 ×18×4cm

Host weight: 420g

Remote weight: 380g

Optical transmitter

Connector: ST p>

Light-emitting type: LED

Light-emitting wavelength: 850nm, 1300nm

Output power (minimum) -20dBm

Output power stability (8 Hours) ±0.25dB, 23°C

Optical receiver

Power test accuracy: ±0.25dB, 23°C (45-75%RH, -20dBm)

Interface modules with interchangeable connectors: ST, SC, FC, general

Detector type: InGaAs

Calibrated wavelength: 850nm, 1300nm

Power measurement linearity: ±0.25dB (at 23℃)

Resolution: 0.01dB/dBm

Length measurement resolution: 1m

Length measurement Range: 2000m

Other information

8240-04: CertiFiberKit uses LED light source: 850nm wavelength and 1300nm wavelength, including multiple adjustable optical fiber test interface modules

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