central control system

Synonyms system generally refers to a central control system controls


central control system enables the sharing of resources, and video monitor each pass each other. Cooperative control computers, DVD players, VCRs, video booth and other modern audio-visual equipment, and centralized control electric curtains, lights, curtains and other equipment, big screen projection, creating a high-definition, high-fidelity multimedia modern, controlled sound and light background audio-visual teaching environment.

Just think for an important business meeting, you need vision, hearing and computer graphics presentations, and the touch of a button, all operations are performed automatically: the screen down the curtains shut, automatically adjust the volume and light levels, and the projector displays the desired picture. If you find that this is too good, then you absolutely need central control system.

The more advanced technology, more advanced, integrated viewing, listening, computer equipment and the environment will be more complex, users are often due to too much control keys, and a loss, but now do not need to worry about it, central control The system can do for you. The central control system is provided with different specifications and expansion degree, for a variety of control needs, from conference rooms, training center to videoconferencing and distance learning; home theater control and even fully automated home.

advertising company's presentation room is definitely the key to the outcome of a commercial contract. During the meeting, there are often a number of different multimedia presentations, and more may be required at any time to replay the video, the central control system to provide comprehensive video, DAT, recordings, radio, television, computer images, and even other media control, so that the speaker can whole-heartedly to the content of the speech, without having to worry about operating equipment.

In the Museum of History, the professional advisers hope just a few changes to the existing line, will be able to establish a proper network to control audio-visual, multimedia and computer equipment, two years ago, it is still impossible, now a new generation of control systems can become a reality. Now, reference is also switched through the network in civilian conference room, or adjust the lighting of the entire presentation.


With the continuous development of society, the exchange of information and communication will become more frequent and more important. Audio-visual equipment, projection equipment, conferencing systems and other industries began to enter.

Now meeting rooms, teaching rooms, etc., has not before a podium in a chair a microphone, and replaced by a variety of advanced multimedia conferencing and teaching equipment. Such as: projectors, DVD players, VCRs, video Showcase, multimedia computers, electric screen, some of the large conference room is also equipped with simultaneous interpretation system, electronic voting systems, large-screen projection, multi-screen switching systems. Using a variety of equipment will bring complicated equipment operation. Such as: the power to open a variety of devices, to turn off the lights, switching to a variety of audio and video signals frequently, to keep switching the projection screen ..... like. In such cases, one can centrally manage these devices, and can also control the conference room, classroom resources "central control system" devices have come into being.


1, a simple central control system: commonly used in primary multimedia classroom mainly controlled less equipment places;

2, intelligent central control system : commonly used in multimedia classroom large secondary, can be controlled more devices;

3, the network central control system: commonly used in schools installing multiple stations controlled, mainly to facilitate the management and control;

4, conference central control system: commonly used in the multi-room, are generally used wireless touch screen control;

5: programmable central control system: usually used in a large conference room, control equipment more, may provide programming interface;


as a system central control system typically consists of four parts: a user interface; a second central control host; 3. various types of control interface; 4. controlled device.

DETAILED divided into several modules:

· audio and video switching module

· VGA computer signal switch module

· IR learning and transmitter module

· device power management module

· electric screen control module

· tone, volume processing module

· control interface processing module

· power module

· network module like. In addition to the central control system can complete the above module-specific functions, can also programmatically, or add other control communication functions.


1, the user interface provides a variety of operations. (Standard Pc \ LcD touch screen \ manual control panel): personalized control interface design makes you easy to operate, handy. While all audio-visual equipment for the overall situation at a glance.

2, multiple devices can simultaneously be controlled. At the same time by a motor or studio projector 3 can be performed, high integration, complete control apparatus, a clear user interface, system expansion and strong, high reliability preview

to other audio and video sources. Low-cost, high-performance, highly integrated, digital control.

4, single direct access to: DVD players, video recorders, video showcase, camera, recording deck, computer, laptop, amplifier, microphone wired, wireless microphone, an electric screen, projector, power controller . (Curtains and light).

5, full digital sound control, mixing, expansion interface providing apparatus.

optional application


a standard multimedia conference room should at least include a computer system, a projection display system, A / V system, the room environment system several parts. Computer systems including desktops, notebooks, servers, etc., for teaching, training, presentations, and control. Projection display system consists of a projector, video Showcase, projection screens and other components, complete graphic information display static images or motion video and other large-screen display. A / V system to complete the acquisition of video and audio signals, and a switching play, including an imaging device (e.g., a camera), a display device (such as televisions, monitors), the sound-transmitting device (such as a wired microphone, wireless microphone), sound devices ( The amplifier, speakers, mixer), playback devices (e.g., DVD, VCR, deck), the signal switching device (e.g., video and audio matrix) and the like. Room environment system mainly refers adjustable room light (e.g., incandescent, fluorescent) and electric curtains, complete change of the room environment, the atmosphere, in order to adapt to current needs.

to simplify the work of the operator as much as possible reflect the superior capabilities of various devices, a central control system for centralized control of the above types of information by electronic device intelligence, and from among the device without rushing to demand operation, control DVD playback, stop, pause, controls the projector on / off, input switching, control the movements of the projection screen, stop, adjust the volume of the control, the control input of the video and audio matrix output switching control lighting on / off and intensity adjustment, control opening and closing of the curtain, and the like.

1, the projection display system control

via RS232 serial control panel, control the projector all functions such as on / off and the video the input image, a computer image and the like of the switch, and can be automatically related action, such as closing system will automatically turn off the projector. When

by strong electric relay, and can control the rising electric pylons screen, down, stop, and can be automatically associated actions, such as opening the projector, the screen automatically lowered and electric pylons, the projector is electric pylons, and the screen automatically rise.

can use the video preview function of the control terminal, the video prior to dispensing through the projector to the screen, the video image confirmation video playback is required.

2, the control A / V system

RS232 serial port through the control panel, controls the switching of the video matrix, select the desired image to the projector .

through the control panel infrared control port and infrared emission rods, control the DVD equipment all actions, such as play, pause, stop, etc., and may automatically DVD image is switched to the projector, the projector automatic selection of video inputs automatically switch to the DVD sound amplifier.

by volume control, the amplifier output to control the size of the volume.

3, room environment control systems

by strong electric relay switch may be controlled fluorescent lamp, and can be preset in the lighting mode ( The conference mode, A / V mode, training mode, etc.), such that the light in line with various applications.

by a strong electric relays, control curtain opening / closing, to meet various application needs.

by a strong electric relays, control, power the projector A / V devices, automatic, power saving management. Some products can also better protection devices, such as will allow sufficient time for the cooling of the projector in the projector is powered, then automatically disconnect the power of the projector.


Note that when selecting the central control system aspects:

First, the system should be stable. The purpose of installing the central control system is to simplify the operation, so that the staff can ease the control of various devices, to achieve a multiplier effect, if the system is unstable, not only streamline operations, but will affect the results. Therefore, the choice should give top priority to the quality rather than price.

Next, the system to be noted that openness and compatibility. Installation is simple, easy to upgrade, add, replace equipment without trouble; control interface simple, clean, clear logic, convenient and fast.

Finally, it is noted to have a variety of control operation. Most control systems have a touch screen, software, manual control panel and hand-held remote control. Computer operating level is inconsistent different users, some users are not familiar with computer operations can be used hand-held control panel, touch screen, remote control.

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