Central America


Central American airline based in the city of San Salvador in El Salvador city, connecting flights Latin America and North America, the main flight Central American countries, and has been extended to North and South America. There are three Air Base (San Salvador / San Jose / Lima) Central America and South America. Where a code word for the TA, LR, GU The Central American airline flights are flights. Central American Airlines and American Airlines UA associates also provide travelers to and from North America, Europe and Asia, becoming the third largest airline in the Americas to pull.

transit point

TACA has three main transit point by: San Jose, Costa Rica (San Jose) and from South America; a El Salvador San Salvador (San Salvador) and from North America and Mexico; and by the Lima, Peru (Lima) and from major cities in South America.

Central America


Central America has all kinds of airlines Airbus aircraft more than 70 aircraft, which mainly include the Airbus 319 and Airbus 320 aircraft, economy class set 120-150 seat, located 12 Business Class seats. The average age of only 5 years, which is Latin America's youngest fleets. Central American Airlines route network

Central American airline based in El Salvador, in addition to San Jose, Costa Rica and Peru are Lima Central American Airlines flight base. TACA offers daily flights to and from the United States, Canada and 11 cities and major destinations in Central and South America. At the same time it is the only company that offers Cuban and North American airlines flight.

Route Description

departure from the United States:

Los Angeles originating Fei Lima (Peru), San Jose (Costa Rica) San Salvador (El Salvador) Guatemala (Guatemala ) Managua (Nicaragua).

or above the destination and transit visit: Bogota (Columbia) Buenos Aires (Argentina) Belize City (Belize) Caracas (Venezuela) library Trask (Peru) Guayaquil (Ecuador) Boli Zi (Honduras) La Paz (Bolivia) Mexico City (Mexico) Panama City (Panama) Sao Paulo, Rio (Brazil), Santiago (Chile) Quito (Ecuador), etc. .

Central America and the United States Air Canada destinations:

(Canada): Toronto (USA): New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco

South America domestic routes

TACA Group in Lima, Peru as the main base for the flight, the flight extends to South America each waypoint. TACA offers direct flights to Lima.

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