Ceca Altman

role of the image

Identity background

Ultraman Saga Super Collection (3)

Game Ka Ott Man evolved from Pelagea shield breath into the match Buddha was born a miracle soldiers, is in the "Ultraman Saga" by Siro, Dynamo, Gauss three hearts become one, Dayton was born to play against Hai Pajie Ott soldiers.

physical characteristics

tournament Gad Altman body is no clear pattern, the body color from deep blue to dark red upper body lower body, and finally to purple. Head minions have general decor. Systemic shining mysterious atmosphere of light. The strength of the Hai Pajie Dayton mutual angle above, can emit powerful light many skills. Split as part of the body to emit light, and that is his color timer. Race Buddha bracelet upgrade from Siro's Ultimate bracelet (Pelagea Shield) to issue a variety of superb skill game Buddha light from it.

capacity setting

< td>

Ka race plasma

activation race Buddha bracelet Silicone energy, light energy ball strong hands on the chest after release of the polymerization.

Dayton Power and Hai Pajie fireball quite.

Buddha three times with this skill game and Hai Pajie Dayton to fight, both Dayton and Hai Pajie fireball cancel each other out.

Race Buddha Storm Ceca Altman

Buddha race released upon entry into the light storm, the air Hai Pajie Dayton instantly shot down.

Race Gad ultra acceleration

ultra accelerate mobility. Game Ka leap, then teleport to the designated area, and can accelerate Hai Pajie super Dayton teleportation confrontation, which is the most common skill game Buddha; on the speed at Hai Pajie Dayton.

Race Ka ultra accelerator (2)

Race Buddha shot

game Ka crescent-shaped light emitted from the hands of the bomb.

match Buddha halo

Ka race activate his bracelet, the energy of light rays is changed to the cutting gear shape after launch. Applications can also be extended, splitting the enemy attacks and multi-angle rear-end attack (triple match Buddha light round) three halo.

used twice, the first time is absorbed Hai Pajie Dayton, after the second split into three chase Hai Pajie thrown Dayton, which is the result teleport escape.

Race Buddha attacker

Buddha race flying at high speed, using the head of six horns advantage to hit Hai Pajie Dayton, Dayton and Hai Pajie collision tied, causing a huge explosion.

Race Buddha cut edge

left forearm to pull out of the race Gad breath "game Gad cut edge", from the courage of the high Soar Terman blade change from. Forming a crescent-shaped knife, and thus the Hai Pajie Dayton wings cut off.

boxing match Buddha drilling

< p> change from the explosion of boxing Siro, race Gad direct energy to the fist, and hit the target.

universe vacuo warfare

< p> race Gad show his superior martial art, head down, legs up, super-fast attack air of Hai Pajie Dayton, Dayton against Hai Pajie tactics used last. And Noah Altman difference is that it will need to rely on a body punch kick hit the enemy from outer space, race Buddha's boxing punch force can destroy a black gold bridges.

Race Buddha limit

Buddha's nirvana strongest competition, to centralize all power fist, hit a spike Hai Pajie Dayton.

special items

race Buddha bracelet

Siro upgrade from the ultimate bracelet (Pelagea shield) to issue from a variety of superb race Buddha light skills.

role subjected


Ultraman Saga super Collection (4)

Siro, Gaussian, Dynamo lost to history of the strongest monsters Hai Pajie Dayton, get up the river found incarnations turned to stone, just as the river of despair, birds came up and said: "Do not give up, beyond the limits of time, will be able to see something new," Musashi also encouraged him, three people stood up shouting: when "the real battle is only now!" when the three Ottoman forces into one, the Pelagea bracelet into a new tournament Buddha bracelet! River, birds, Musashi also fit into a three game Gad Altman, and later after a fierce battle, the trio teamed up with Team-U, finally defeated Hai Pajie Dayton and Baxter star who made Earth to restore peace and stability of the original day.

debut recording

theatrical stage

The Movie "Altman legend" (赛迦奥特曼)

theatrical debut

Altman 2012 stage play "until the end of the Galaxy"

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