Carl David Anderson

synonym word Kar David Anderson General refers to Carl David Anderson

Character's life

in 1905, born in New York, in 1927, the bachelor's degree in Physics and Engineering in California Institute of Technology, 1930 won a doctorate.

1930 - 1933 stayed in the school, in 1933, I was physically responsive.

In 1939, he was actively participated in the US National Defense Research Committee, Scientific Research and Development Administration during World War II. X-ray is the field of his early study, and his Ph.D. is a spatial distribution of optical electrons scattered from various gases.

1930, under the guidance of Professor Robert Andrew Milly Great, the cosmic rays,

in 1932, found positron.

1933, the gamma rays in THC in Dr. Nadmel were able to generate direct evidence of positron when they passed substances. After 1933, Anderson continued him in rays and basics. Particle research work, most of his research and discovery published in "Physical Review and Science" journals.

1936, Anderson won the Nobel Physics Award for discovering positrons.

Main achievements

Anderson's energy loss of energy distribution of cosmic ray particles and high-speed motion in the substance.

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