Capital outflow

Word Introduction

【】】 资 流

This kind of calculation method is that the transaction generated when the index is in the rising state is the power of the promotion index, which is defined as capital inflow; the exponential fell is the promotion index. The strength of the decline is defined as the fundade of funds; the difference between the two is the net power of the ongoing promotion index after the two powers abutment, this is the net inflow of the on the day of the sector. In other words, the funds flow to the measurement of the strength of the promotion index, which reflects how big is how much people look at the sector or look at the extent.

Capital outflow

flow of funds can help investors through the index (price) Change the fog to see other people doing in the end. The index (price) rose a point, which may be promoted by 10 million funds, or may be promoted by 100 million funds. These two situations have a completely different guiding significance for investors.

Calculation method

Let's first understand the concept of inner discs and outer discs. Inner disc: The number of buying transactions is added to the inner disc at the transaction of buying prices. Outer disc: Trading in selling price. Sell ​​statistics join the outer disc. The general software is actually simply subtracting the number of inner discs with the number of inner discs and then multiplying the average price of the same day. Then, the net flow of the funds on the day, the negative number is the net flow of funds, and the positive number is net inflow. Some software calculates the formula more complex, collecting data more comprehensive, such as large single small single separation calculation, accumulating after calculation of the transactions of each price, but the basic principle is calculated according to the internal and external disc.

In fact, there is a price of selling, there is a purchase, and the transaction is the same, then the inflow flow of funds is the same. But artificial statistics make these divisions into flow out, but this is easy to fake.

For example, let's buy at the price or high price, then order to delegate, but at this time, the stock price rises, and the offer is low, and there is an initiative selling order on the market. , Then the transaction on the system after the transaction has become the transaction of the active seller, and is calculated as the inner disc. Initiative would buy and external disk because the time difference is interpreted as the final price of the disc. For example, B is to buy 8 yuan / shares 100-hand Wugandella shares, and C is selling 8 yuan / share 100-hand Wugandella shares. One party wants to buy, one party wants to sell, and the parties in normal conditions should be balanced, and should be a neutral disk. However, the Exchange will always receive a trading application of B or C, if the application first receives the buyer, it will become an outer disc. If the application picks up from the seller, it will become a inner disc.

So, if I am the main force, if I want to suck the goods, I will press the stock in the early days. At this time, there will be a lot of investors sell stocks, but because my pressure is fast, many chips will keep back. Above. Then, I suddenly pulled up, quickly sweeping the goods, then the sales discs were all inner discs in the software, but in fact this time is the main sucking. The contrary.

So, this statistics can be seen, according to the situation on the disk, it is not visited as an important operation. Otherwise, it is very likely to start the flushing period of funds to flow, but the funds are flowing when the high-time shipments are inflow, which is not "bad for a thousand miles".

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