Camel battle


Ma'Rakah Al-Jamal is the first Muslim-scale civil war in Islamic history. In June 656, after the third Harry Aosman was born, Ali was supported by his follower by his followers. Ali is facing the fierce struggle of all sent power to compete for leadership in Islamic Leading Group. Due to the difference between the political opinion generated by Ottoman, the internal centrifugal tendency of Muslim power organization quickly intensified. Ali is in the original appearance of Islam, first withdrew some of the appointments and decisions in Osman, and the resulting fierce rebounded against Mai Ye family and some Ali old enemy.


Muhammad's second wife, Aisa is the peony department of Abu Burkel. Ahisa's "lost" in the desert, everyone has left when returning to the original episode. At that time, Aisa stayed in place, thinking that when they found that I would come back to find her. According to the historical history of orthodox Islamic, in the process of waiting, there is a push-off Muslim just passing, and then take an Aisa to the crowd. After going back, the rumors are four "Iso" incidents in teaching and teaching history. Part of the record said that Ali (the fourth person, the fourth person, orthodox Harry), and questioned her chastity when the rumors spread, so the cause of Aisa is generated. But "Qur'an" is then demonstrated, proves that Aisa's innovation.

Western historiography believes that Mecca Muslim leader Tayleha and Zuner are dissatisfied with the unity of the applicable, and the "Give Osman Revenge" is the leadership of Harry. And with the Aisha formed a league, he was excused to "revenge" for Ottoman, and scored the strength to the bus ruined rebellion.

October 656, Ali led the army from Medina. After the negotiations between the two sides, the two military fought in Basra near December 9, the same year. In the battle process, Aisa, take the camel, continuously issues a call against Ali, and because most battles are carried out around this camel, the history is called "Camel battle".


This battle Ali defeated the rebels, opposed the leader Tayleha and Zhu Ber, Aisha was prisoned and sent back to the wheat, continue Maintain its original status and life. Many of the top tribes of the prophet in this battle.

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