Cable digital TV

Basic introduction

Currently, the production and broadcasting of TV signals have been digitized. Only the user’s signal reception is still in the analog stage, but users can use digital TV set-top boxes and The cable network to receive digital TV programs. Due to the use of digital compression technology, 6-8 channels can be transmitted in the space for transmitting one channel. The number of channels provided by digital TV has greatly increased, up to four to five hundred channels, and the sound quality and picture quality will be greatly improved. We can enjoy the general sound quality of CD and the same picture quality of VCD/DVD.


High definition, good audio effects, and strong anti-interference ability. The number of channels will increase exponentially. The convenient electronic program guide allows you to quickly find your favorite programs, and can reserve and remind you not to forget to watch them. Can carry out multi-functional business.


Entertainment function, learning function, stock trading function, information service function, interactive function, distance education function, audio broadcasting function, Internet function.

What is the difference between digital TV and high-definition digital TV:

High-definition digital TV is a subcategory of digital TV, and it is also the most advanced one in the digital TV standard.

The difference between digital TV and analog TV:

Now what you see on the TV is the program of the analog signal, while the digital TV signal is transmitted by the TV or the TV through the digital set-top box. The signal received by the display.

The relationship between digital cable TV and digital TV:

Digital TV refers to a TV that digitally processes video and audio signals without changing the current transmission system Receiver. The former refers to a whole set of systems, while the latter is only a kind of equipment and a branch of the former.

How to watch

As long as you are a legal TV user, you need to be equipped with a set-top box and a legally authorized smart card. You can enjoy digital TV without changing the TV. All services provided.

What is a cable digital TV set-top box:

Digital TV set-top box is a conversion device that converts digital TV signals into analog signals, and then decoded and provided to viewers through TV and audio equipment High-quality TV shows.

Service content

What services can be provided by the basic services of digital cable TV:

The basic service content provided by digital cable TV includes: 1) Basic programs 2) Paid programs; 3) Electronic program guide; 4) Graphic information; 5) Stock market finance; 6) Video-on-demand; 7) Interactive games; 8) Broadband access; 9) Audio programs; 10) SMS service.

Basic programs

There are relatively many basic TV program channels, and the program content is rich and colorful. It generally includes satellite TV channels of the central, provincial, and municipal governments.

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