The two sides Commander (2)

1780 years, the war stalled the American Revolution in the north, but southern states but after another fall into British hands. Georgia return to Britain, Charleston in 1779 after five thousand defenders in the siege of 1780, also surrendered, to make up for Boge due to frustration at Saratoga. Then, after the defeat Confederate Battle of Camden, the remaining deficit of 800 officers and men.

Neuchatel Seoul that the new commander Major General Greene had tried to persuade the guerrillas to accept his command, but failed. Greene also foresee the British would eliminate one of these guerrillas. Buji mixed Tarleton fast raiders march 70 miles a day to and often successful attack guerrilla war camp, and threatened the civilian militia to join the Royal outrageous policy is also quite effective. By the end of 1780, almost against South Carolina has been put down, and quickly occupied the British plan, North Carolina, Virginia and then enter.

half out of strategic considerations, half could do nothing, Greene had just promoted to brigadier general in command, led by Morgan and 600 regulars William Washington (George Washington cousin) residual cavalry led by 70 entering South Carolina Western states, encouraged by the state of its public morale. British commander Lord then sent Kangwalisi Tal Dayton's forces, hoping to settle in one fell swoop under the command of the remnants Morgan.

No one doubts Tal Dayton will not complete the task. He ignored the cold, wet December, speed chase before US troops still. Morgan had no choice but to back off, but this time only 300 militia willing to stay. When he arrived withdrawal Broad River, Tall Dayton scouts have been behind at 5 miles. At that time Broad River is soaring, we cross the river may lose half of the troops.

There are a sparse grass nearby, Morgan decided the enemy in this war, he said at last move another 150 militiamen to join. Morgan formulate a set of operational plans, make great use of these temporary soldiers play, but copies but rely on them. He ordered the militia in two rows before the regular army, the militia fired two shots can be ordered as long as their lives.

about 150 yards behind the second row, Morgan personally directed the regular army on a low hill, cavalry and William Washington's deployment in the back of the hill. Morgan then a battalion a battalion battle plans to personally explain each person, and to ensure that if they do well, tomorrow morning it will give an unforgettable lesson Tal Dayton.



British attack

after marching all night, Tal Dayton on January 17, 1781 arrived in the morning battlefield. He did not rest and time to enjoy breakfast to the men, immediately ordered compiled battle formation ahead. The battle began, the British began to impact the American lines, but the shot so that the US military militia wing cavalry officer and each even lead losses.

militia fled back at this point, let Tal Gordon to win the battle already do this, but the US regular army soon appeared in front of fierce shot gun to discharge the British ranks. Tal Gordon then sent reserve ─── seventy first Highland regiment ─── detour to the US military. To counter this threat, the US military flanking each even turned back to face the incoming Scottish regiment. Melee, the entire US military began to recede front, Tal Dayton that the enemy is about to retreat, ordered the assault knives, the entire British front in advance cheers.

US counter

But Morgan still grasp the overall situation. William is located in the British right-wing Washington came a message:. "They are like the mob group and straight on and enjoy them once volley, I will charge them," Morgan turned so loudly ordered the infantry, firing a volley, then to the British assault. At the same time the US cavalry attack from behind, a terrible saber cut down a number of British troops.

Most of exhaustion coupled with no command of the British company into a panic, someone dropped the rifle to surrender, while others desperately to escape. Within five minutes, the Battle of Cowpens came to an end.


Morgan's victory destroyed Tal Dayton's forces, and a dramatic twist south war. If Tal Dayton frontal attack to be successful, North and South Carolina, the two states will soon return to the rule of the king, other states will quickly follow, the French will not come, because the government has its tentative peace talks to UK possible.

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