Game music is the same name

"Butterfly Flying Dance" originally the game "Datang Hao Xia" Baihua Palace background theme, Monthly Studio composing. Butterflyflowers, is it a tearful dance? Removeed Yangjun piano is exquisite, and has already created a crystal world, only to zither's refers to the melody of the emotion. Love is deep in the deep tears, if the melody is love, it wakes up the hearts of the heart, and all the gentleness of the fi is like the water sleeve of the flying. The loud sound is like a tulle, like a flying flowers, and the kitchen, the clear and gentle, if the butterfly love flowers. The gunts are shining, and the flute is not lonely, and the rich trembroof is stunned. It is like blowing a barrier, which is in danger of the climax. It is beautiful ~~

[00: 01.00] Original song : Moon Gate Game Music "Butterfly Flower Dance"

[00: 02.21] Filling the words: Huang Jingyuan

[00: 03.19] Sing: French rain Mann

[00: 03.86] "Butterfly Flying Dance · Fengge"

[00: 06.09] 袅袅龙 引,

[00: 11.61] Half-clear air painting screen.

[00: 16.86] Small footproof flowers,

[00: 22.15] Put the butterfly water is as shade.

[00: 27.45] Strings and egrets,

[00: 32.78] Wen Wen Piki.

[00: 38.13] 香 香 盈 袖,

[00: 43.48] Fangfei is like condensed.


[00: 48.63] Cloud jade moss,

[00: 54.08] Lake light engrave.

[00: 59.43] Luo 绮 素 竹 韵,

[01: 04.83] The eyebrows fall.

[01: 10.12] I don't know how to be a few days,

[01: 15.44] makes long thinking.

[01: 20.82] should be drunk,

[01: 26.18] will be lost in the world.

[01: 31.55] Spring Pavilion,

[01: 36.70] Rouge Put.

[01: 42.14] The road is bustling,

[01: 47.48] swaying.

[01: 52.89] The lonely river is looking forward to it.

[02: 00.89] The galler is light.

[02: 03.68] Who is a word, and it is too low.

[02: 07.97] Springs spring flow in the night sky.

[02: 14.04] Since the cold moon cream is clear!

[02: 21.96]

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