Business Management

Basic concepts of business management profession

Business management profession can provide a variety of professions: management, marketing, finance, economics and international business. It combines a solid business knowledge background with a solid foundation of liberal arts and sciences, enabling students to pursue a specific career or pursue a higher degree after graduation.

Management majors train generalists in business and equip them with a wide range of knowledge, including planning, organization, guidance, control, and business and behavioral decisions related to business organizations.

The marketing profession focuses on the management and combination of market functions, such as the confirmation of market opportunities, product development, promotion, pricing, and product wholesale.

Finance/economics majors emphasize the theoretical basis of finance and investment and solve problems in various economic and technical fields.

The focus of the international business major lies in the global application of management functions.

Strong abilities in analyzing, evaluating and interpreting data, coordinating and organizing people and tasks, as well as in interpersonal relations and communication are the hallmarks of a successful business generalist. In addition, personal self-confidence, keen judgment, tact, independence and self-motivation will greatly broaden the opportunities for advancement in the business field.

If a student learns in a specific field, such as market or industry, as his future employment direction, his opportunities in the field of business management will be further improved, for example, in industry All fields, whether banking, health care, or manufacturing, require a large number of management talents.

The main examination institution

Renmin University of China is a comprehensive research-oriented national key university focusing on humanities and social sciences. City built together. The predecessor of the school was North Shaanxi Public School, which was born in the war of resistance against Japan in 1937, and later North China United University and North China University. On December 16, 1949, the eleventh political affairs meeting of the Central People's Government Administration Council adopted the "Decision on the Establishment of Renmin University of China" based on the suggestions of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. On October 3, 1950, Renmin University of China, which was merged and formed on the basis of North China University, held a grand opening ceremony and became the first new formal university founded by the People's Republic of China. Famous educators Wu Yuzhang, Cheng Fangwu, Yuan Baohua, Huang Da, and Li Wenhai served as principals successively.

Business Management

In the long-term school-running practice, the majority of faculty and students of Renmin University of China have carried forward the spirit of the People’s Congress of "establishing education for the people and governing the country", always forge ahead in the forefront of the times, and always breathe and share fate with the party and the country. Running a school with diligence and frugality, working hard, actively exploring, seeking truth and being pragmatic, making the school an important base for higher education and research in China’s humanities and social sciences, for the spread and popularization of Marxism in China, for the development and prosperity of philosophy and social sciences in China, and for the development and prosperity of China’s philosophy and social sciences. The socialist revolution, construction, and reform have made important contributions and are hailed as "a banner in the field of higher education in the humanities and social sciences of our country." Since 1950, the country has established key universities, and Renmin University of China has been among them. At present, the school is one of the key universities under the national "985 Project" and "211 Project".

Cultivation Objectives

The business management majors jointly opened by my country and Britain have fully utilized the advantages of our country’s higher education self-study exams. At the same time, they have absorbed new knowledge and new methods in related fields in the West, mainly training and Cultivate applied and professional professionals in business management who meet the needs of the development of the socialist market economy, have both ability and political integrity, and have a certain sense of innovation, innovation ability and practical work ability. Cultivate senior applied professionals who master the theories, knowledge and methods of international business management and financial management, have the ability to innovate, work independently, and team spirit, and possess both political integrity and ability.

Basic requirements

Students are required to study Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, abide by laws and disciplines; be able to correctly understand and master the basic theories of business management and the basics of each course Knowledge and basic business skills, and have a certain ability to analyze and solve practical problems.

Curriculum Setting

Education level

The business management majors of Sino-British cooperation are all at the level of higher education.

The exam courses (modules) of this major are calculated based on credits. Those who pass the course exams will be issued a course certificate. The cooperative course certificate is issued by the Higher Education Self-study Examination Office of the Ministry of Education and the University of Cambridge Examinations Committee (UCLES). ) Jointly issued. Since 2004, all cooperative course certificates will be issued by the Higher Education Self-study Examination Office of the Ministry of Education.

Candidates who have obtained the certificate of 8 cooperation courses (corporate organization and environment, business communication, quantitative methods, economics, accounting, management information technology, financial management, business law) and English course certificate of this major , Cambridge University Examinations Committee (UCLES) is responsible for issuing Cambridge Business Management Certificates.

Candidates who have obtained 16 courses of this major and qualified for their ideological and moral qualifications will be issued a diploma of higher education self-study examination. At the same time, they will be awarded Cambridge Advanced Business by the Cambridge University Examinations Committee (UCLES) Manage certificates.

The business management undergraduate degree belongs to the undergraduate degree of higher education.

The examination level of the course is consistent with the completion level of similar professional courses in full-time ordinary colleges and universities.

On the basis of graduating from a junior college, obtain all the required test scores of the course, the test scores are more than 60 points, the ideological and moral character appraisal meets the requirements, the graduation thesis is qualified after the defense, and it is issued by The main examination institution, Renmin University of China, issues a bachelor degree certificate for the self-study examination of higher education in Beijing, which is recognized by the state.

According to the "Interim Regulations on Granting Bachelor Degrees for Undergraduate Graduates of Self-study Examinations for Higher Education" by the Beijing Academic Degrees Committee and relevant regulations on degree awarding by the testing institutions, students can apply for a thesis defense, and they can be tested by the test with good grades. The school's Renmin University of China awarded a bachelor's degree in management recognized by the state.

Employment destination

After graduation, students majoring in financial management and business management are suitable for foreign-funded enterprises, multinational companies, international financial institutions, industry and trade companies, commercial companies, science and trade companies, and goods Work in import and export companies, international and domestic financing companies, banks, insurance companies, financial companies and other units. Outstanding graduates who wish to study abroad can be recommended to relevant institutions of higher learning in the UK through the Cambridge Examinations Committee.

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