British Eighth Group Army


The British Eighth Group Army is one of the famous troops during World War II and fighting in North Africa and Italy. This British troops are mainly from the UK and its Bank of Federal countries, as well as the European countries occupied by Nazi Germany. In September 1941, on the basis of the Xi Desert Force station in Egypt, the British team was established, and the first commander was Alan Cunningham. At the time of the establishment, the eighth group army jurisdiction: No. 30 Army (under the jurisdiction of the seventh decoration of the UK, South Africa's first step division and 22nd Naval Brigade), the 13th Army (the fourth step in India, New Zealand second Teacher and the First Army Tank Brigade), the 70th infantry division, Poland, Poland, the second step of the South Africa, a total of 6 divisions and two brigades. Eighth Groups have undergone 10 teachers and 8 separate brigations when the military scale is larger, and the total force has exceeded 22,000.


North Non

The first combat action of the 8th Group Army is to participate in the "Crusader", aimed at Northern Northern City siege of Tobruk.

On November 17, 1941, the eighth group army crossed the Egyptian border, entered Libya, launched an attack to Longmeir's North African Legion. Soon after the war, because of the Middle East British commander Claude Auchinleck's opinion, Canning Han was lifted, and Neil Ritchie was taken over by NEIL RITCHIE. Although Londole has achieved a series of tactical victories, but they were forced to withdraw from Tobrook and retired from Alaman at the end of 1941. In February 1942, Longmeur reorganizes the power, launched an attack on the extensive eighth group army and rushed back to the gazala defense line in the west of Tobalk. Since then, both sides are accumulating strength to launch an offensive to the other party. In the end, the German army took the initiative to force the Eighth Group Army to abandon the Acacia. The eighth group army failed to block the footsteps of the Lower African African Legion, Rich is also dismissed, and is personally commanded by Oaklain. In the first Alaman battle, the Germans finally defeated by Okinleck, because they were not willing to fight in the conditions, in August, Alexandria will replace the position of Okinlek, and the eighth group army changed William Gott command. General Gott dried down on the way, and Montgomery took over the eighth group army. Alexander and Montgomery have brought the pressure from Churchill, got the 10th Army to add the eighth group army.

In the decisive combat of the second Alaman (early Alaman), the eighth group army defeated the North African Legion, crossing Libya, rushed to the Germans all the way to the 18th group of military group in February 1943. under the control of the Tunisian border Mares (Mareth) defense. In March, the eighth group army launched an offense from the side wings, and combats the first group of the first group of the 18th Group's military group to force the North Africa's aroma army to surrender.


Northern African warfast is over, the eighth group army participated in the combat action against Italy. In the codename "Husky" action, the Eighth Group Army and the US Seventh Group Army have implemented landing in Sicily. Subsequently, the troops launched in the north of Italy and Tarlanto. At this point, the Fifth Group of the United States has already landed in Saleno, Naples. After the 8th Group Army was in the Left Wing and the Fifth Group Army, the east side of the League was forwarded to the north.

At the end of 1943, Montgomery was prepared to return to the Normandy landing, and the command of the eighth group army will be handed over to Oliver Leese.

earlier in 1944, the fifth group army has tried three times tried to break through German winter line, and all of them failed. In April, the eighth group secretly transferred from the Adriatic sea to the west and assembly troops (outside the 10th Army), and prepared to jointly launch an offensive with the Fifth Group Army and opened the way to Rome. The fourth time Cassino (Cassino) is successfully entered into Rome in June, with the Eighth Group Army, and the Fifth Group Army entered Rome in June.

After the Allies occupied Rome, the Eighth Group Army continued to north, through the central Italian, capturing Florence. When the end of the summer campaign, coalition forces forward defense line already leading to the German Gothic (Gothic line). The Eighth Group Army returned to the coast of the Adria, and continued to press the Gothic defense line. Regrettably, before winter, the Allies failed to break through the Po Valley, and the offensive action was forced to stop. In October, Liss was tuned from Southeast Asia, Richard McCreery, will serve as commanders of the eighth group army.

1945 spring, the eighth group army transferred again to attack. In April, I cut off with the left-wing of the fifth group army and annihilated the defensive Bologna's German C Group military group, and then quickly passed the northeastern Italy to enter Austria.

Since then, the Eighth Group Army has adapted to the Austrian British troops.

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