British base area


British base zone ( UK SoveReign Base Areas ): The remains left by the British colonial era, located in the Islands of Cyprus and Dekelia, and the United Kingdom has a military base.

Unit information

Military equipment

In addition, the DHEKELIA base located in the island is just responsible for the United Nations peacekeeping force. The buffer belt "Green Line", including the Name of the United Nations Assisted Vi'an and the original base area, and the United Kingdom had a total of about 3,500 people to stay in Cyprus.


Although the British base area is an overseas place in the UK, it is not responsible for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Ministry, the highest in the base area. The person in charge is an ADMINISTRATOR, currently (on May 9, 2003) General Tube is the British Tomas Clayton Pearson, which is appointed by the British monarch, directly to the Ministry of Defense.

Cypruski area

British base area on the island in Cyprus is good, and the base area is not dominated by the slightly striking zone, but there are many roads directly. Connected to the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, many local residents work in the yard (but in accordance with the people of the Republic of the Republic of the State prohibit live in the base area).

The only exception is that there are two Cyprus villages in the foundation of the Base area, and Orddia, the territorial sovereignty is still all of the Cyprus government, so it is surrounded by Dekeli Base. Small flying ground.

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