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Guangming Community is located in the central city, there is a water conservancy department, county health department, county meteorological bureau, and Chizhou Changhong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises and institutions. 32 of the hospital, about 1,900 households, more than 5,800 people, more than 500 people with flowers.

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branch a total of 10 party members, 1 party member. Since the jurisdiction is located in the old town, the old weak disease and more special affairs is more. To this end, we firmly seize the problem of the people of the residents, actively carry out the "Minsheng Engineering" to help laid off employees, solve the lowest living security of difficult families, thus effectively close the party group, joint relationship, and promote the community The smooth development of the item, our specific practice is: First, grabbed the construction of the team, and rationalize the work ideas, there are 1 secretary and director of the Community, 2 members of the NET, and 1 family planned. Since we are new communities that have just started, work for thousands of Wanxu, all aspects need to be clear and stunned. In order to meet the needs of the work as soon as possible, we first do a good job in the construction of the team. Through learning and implementing the spirit of superiors, unifying everyone's thoughts, inspiring morale. This makes it possible to start in an orderly manner. Second, adhere to people-oriented, actively carry out community service work in accordance with "There is a guarantee in life, spiritual comfort, employment guarantee", and actively do a good job in service work. The service object has been expanded from all residents of the residents of the household registration; work from the perspective of poverty, concerned with difficult groups to meet the substances, cultural needs and political participation of the residents. And initially formed a service system in convenient services, community safety, residential education, and law protection rights, greatly facilitating the lives of residents. The Guangming Community is "the party built global, the technology will go to life, and moral enters Wanjia, meet the needs of residents, improve the quality of life, the culture, the law, the law, the health service resident" is the work goal, "the first-class management, first-class service "The community concept, in terms of resident management, family planning, security, social security, etc., which promotes the economic development and social stability of the community, so that the lives of the community are more peaceful and peaceful.

Bright community

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