Bridal Wald


Brazza Valde Central Camp is located near Weimar, Germany, is 1937 Fasis Germany to suppress German people against fascist dictatorship and preparation.

1937 to 1945, it was imprisoned from about 250,000, 56,000 people were killed, most of which were prisoners of prisoners in Germany and Soviet, Poland and other countries. The Chairman of the German Communist Party is also killed in this concentration.

Both the Brazza Wald Camp near the Wei code in eastern German City, in the Second World War, was one of the famous prisoners of war and Jewish concentration camp in Germany. During World War II, tens of thousands of prisoners of war and Jews from different countries were held. What is interested in journalists is that there is also a Chinese in these prisoners.

During the 21th Anniversary of the Second World Anti-fascist War, the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Nazi Concentration Camp, the Xinhua News Agency reporter came here to visit the Brazza Wald, and learned Some Chinese have been held here.

In centralized camp, a group of anti-Sissis warriors headed by the German Communists have been struggling with Nazi molecules, and they secretly planned freedom through armed uprising. The victory of the Soviet Red Army has given them great encouragement. In April 1945, they launched armed uprising and controlled concentration camps in less than a day, making nearly 21,000 people to get freedom. On April 11, 1945, the Allies liberated the Brazza Wald Casting Camp.


In the early days, the German political committee, Jewish and Jew Jessan, the Jewish and Jew Jess, and the Nazi will put a large number of prisoners of prisoners and Jews after the World War II. From 1937 to the end of World War, more than 250,000 people have been held here, of which 56,000 killed in this centralized camp, most of which were prisoners of prisoners such as German Patriot and Soviet, Poland and other countries. The President of the German Communist Party is also killed in the concentration camp.

These three Chinese people who have been detained in the Brazza Valde are:

: WAN Li Lei, December 25, 1897, born in Shandong, China, occupation is Locksmith and shoemaker, was released on September 19, 1943, was released from Brazza, and was transferred on July 23, 1944. Politicians;

Jo Ton Tschau, born in Zhejiang, China 1914 The occupation is a chef. On February 6, 1945, it was released to Brid Wald, the political committee;

wu chung ming, born in Zhejiang, China on 22 December 1912, and the occupation is unknown, began to be held The time is unknown, and it is transferred on December 13, 1943.

From age analysis, these three Chinese can escape the massacre and survive so far, it is also a older man. But considering the war environment of the year, they are still in the world.

German Brazza Wald Memorial Announced 600 files on the Internet. Brazza Vald is a village in southwestern Germany, 1937 to 1945, Germany, Germany, established a centralized camp here, brutal slaughtering tens of thousands of anti-Faith warriors. Unlike the photos previously announced by the museum, this batch is carefully recorded carefully.

Allied veterans who participate in the liberation of the centralized camp have also participated in commemorative activities. These veterans recalled that when they entered the centralized camp, they found that there were 21,000 dying prisoners, stacked the bones of the mountains, including only some of the bones that were burned into the ashes by Nazi Germany, and the horrible scene made them feel sad and shocked. The things they first saw were the bodies hanging on the tree, because prisoners had already caught some guards.


In the archive of Brazza Valde, the name of the Chinese people did not find the name of the Chinese, because the archives of the victims were still not complete, in total of about 56,000 There are only more than 30,000 people in the name of the victim, so it is not possible to determine if there is Chinese in the dead people. However, the names of three Chinese people were discovered in the files that were detained, but they did not know the final destiny after their whereabouts and concentration camps. From the file information, these three are all transferred from other regions from other regions in the Second World War, two of which are clear that political prisoners are engaged in opposing Nazi regimes, and one person is indicated by the delegator. It is likely to be due to political reasons. As for whether Chinese people were detained by the identity of the Soviet prisoners of war, they were unable to verify.

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