Brest Prefecture

Basic introduction

① 1921 years ago called "Brest - Lito Khabarovsk." Belarus southwestern city of Brest, the state capital. In the Bug River with Mucha Horowitz River confluence, near the Polish border. River port. Railway hub. Population 222,000 (1985). 1019 found in historical records. Once it belongs to Lithuania, in 1795 incorporated into Russia. After the 1830s become the military. In 1918 the Soviet Union with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, in this conclusion "of Brest-Litovsk." 1919--1939 years it is in Poland. 1939 included the Soviet Union. Industry to manufacture instruments, electrical machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machines, etc. based, time for light industry and food processing. In 1941 the Soviets and the Germans was in this battle. There is defend the Brest Fortress Museum. Brest region of Belarus is one of six states. Establishment of the province in 1939, White Rose is located in the southwest, an area of ​​32,700 square kilometers, a population of 1.5 million, Brest region west Poland, south of Ukraine, Belarus and Grodno, Minsk Oblast and Ge Murray state has the border. The state has 16 districts, 20 cities, nine villages, 2178 rural settlements. Brest is a city in southwestern Belarus, Brest state capital, living in Brest city population of 300,000, the city is located in the border of Belarus and Poland, Mucha Horowitz River and the Bug River confluence place. Its name comes from the Belarusian language, meaning "white birch."

Brest region is the gateway to Western European countries, in from east to west, from north to south crossroads transportation hub. Here are the biggest train station Eurasian continental bridge to change the wheel, land and water transportation. She is a Berlin - Warsaw - Brest - Minsk - a pearl on the Moscow transport corridor, but also from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius to Kiev, Ukraine must pass through, the Brest railway hub is in Central Europe one of the biggest railway hub, and fully guarantee the transit transport task CIS and Western Europe to Moscow and St. Petersburg direction to go, CIS countries exports to Western Europe, 80% of the national land transit goods are thus.

History and Culture

Today Brest city is an industrial center in Belarus, is also an important transport hub and cultural center, has a long history and cultural traditions. In 1942, with military and civilian Brest fortress, in the case at a disadvantage, heroic fight against the German fascist army raid came in the fortress to contain a large number of Germans, the Germans Jiugong high, officers and soldiers guarding the fortress of almost all the heroic sacrifice. In 1971, to commemorate the anti-fascist hero, in the construction of the Brest Hero Fortress memorial complex, which includes up to 100-meter obelisk commemorative plaque, long flames and defend the fortress Memorial Hall. Active repair and reconstruction of 58 meters of historic buildings has been given to promote the historical and cultural value. 224 13th-century wooden architectural monuments, a glass and concrete museum tent Берестье, the value of archeology and ethnology of great significance in the world. [1] To date, there are 16 clubs in Brest (three cultural clubs, 5 associations, eight other institutions), 4 art school, theater, music, puppet shows, music lovers association, two museums and five libraries.

mark Attractions

Brest "Brest Hero Fortress" and "Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Forest Park" is also a sign of Brest, Belarus therefore renowned.

Brest fortress located at the border between Belarus and Poland, Mucha Horowitz River and the Bug River Interchange, 349 kilometers from the capital Minsk. 1830 in Brest on the basis of the old city building, beginning as a temporary thing, 1833-- between 1842 and converted into a permanent fortifications. The fortress is situated on the river dividing the two Mucha Horowitz Bug River tributary rivers and channels into four small island, the central fortifications and three bridgehead components. Fortifications central annular hermetic barrier layers disposed barracks, 1.8 km long, 2 meters thick brick wall. After World War I, the fortress built by the periphery and two fort zone, becomes more robust. The fortress ruins are now only has partial information. March 3, 1918 Soviet Russia and Germany and its allies signed a peace treaty in the famous Brest fortress, as the new Soviet regime to secure valuable "respite." June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union troops from here, from the Brest fortress is the Great Patriotic War began. Soviet troops stationed fortress of Brest, in the case at a disadvantage, heroic fight against the German fascist raid came army. Soviet soldiers guarding the fortress of bloody sacrifice almost all resistance after more than a month in the history of the Great Patriotic War wrote a heroic page. In 1965 the fortress was awarded the "hero fortress" title. Brest Hero Fortress memorial complex in memory of the anti-fascist hero, was completed in September 1971. Japan to commemorate the momentum of the grand buildings of similar scale ranks first in all buildings of Belarus. Bayonet-like obelisk main buildings up to 100 meters, the symbol of the winner of the soldier statue up 33.5 m. The main building Beiqian laying the central square.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Forest Park has a total area of ​​145,000 hectares, the Department of Europe's largest and oldest virgin forest protected areas by UNESCO as a heritage of humanity. Beautiful forest landscape, plant and animal species, many of the world's rare species. Summer tourism, resort. Forest bison is Europe's largest animal in the world dilute product, strong body length of 3.5 meters by 2 meters high and weighs 1000 kilograms, life 25--30 years. Forest Park village center Weisikuli former Soviet leader's residence built in the 1950s, and December 8, 1991, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus leader Boris Yeltsin, Kravchuk and 舒什克维奇 here signed "the establishment of the CIS agreement", declared the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

Brest Prefecture

industrial economy

Brest region has more than 330 enterprises, including non-state-owned enterprises accounted for more than 65%. Its annual foreign trade volume reached billions of dollars. Light industry, food industry and machinery manufacturing industries dominate the industrial system. [2] Now Brest industrial products accounted for 10% of national output, and has the country's only state-owned gas stove, lighting manufacturer. Production of carpets, various types of long socks, wooden pressure plate, the panel half of national output, raw sugar, cheese production accounts for one third of the country.

Brest region also produces meat and dairy processing equipment, catering equipment, automated production lines, forging stamping equipment, radios, AC motors, paint pigments and many other products. The main exporters include: joint venture, Open Joint-Stock Company Brestgasoapparat (production of gas stove), closed type joint-stock company Pinskdrev (production of furniture, wooden laminated plastic, plywood, matches), machine tool manufacturing plant Atlant Baranovichi (production of refrigerator compressors), Pinsk Trade and industry joint venture Polesie (production of knitwear, yarn) Baranovichi cotton yarn factory (production of yarn, primary color cloth), closed type joint-stock company zhabinka sugar factory (production white sugar), closed type joint-stock company Pinsk artificial leather production plant (production of decorative leather, linoleum), closed type joint-stock company Brest carpet factory (producing its carpets and related products), state unitary granite production plant Granit ( production of construction sand and gravel).

Brest production potential to effectively increase production according to the needs of the consumer market. Out 1991-- after the economic downturn in 1994, the production pace has accelerated. Case

well in the development of sugar beet, flax fiber, vegetable and potato production, Brest beginning committed to the development of animal husbandry for meat and milk. Statewide annual output of 35,000 tons of beef, pig annual output of 47,000 tons. Overall, the state's production capacity will reach an annual output of 250,000 tons of meat, milk nearly one million tons, to meet the state's demand for livestock products and exports.

construction industry enterprises the main production building with lime, brick, reinforced concrete building materials, ceramic panels and various types of non-metallic building materials.

Mikashevichy City, the country's largest granite place of origin, production building is rich in clay, gravel mining, Stallings region, producing more than 100 brick frost factor. Malaryta areas clay mine, reserves of about 500 million tons. The clay seam is the seam of quartz, can be used for the production of reinforced concrete and Portland concrete.

Brest region has more than 500 foreign-funded enterprises. In 1996 the establishment of a free economic zone Brest. Now registered in the free economic zone enterprises more than 90, 70% of foreign capital. The main foreign investment comes from Russia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy.

From the beginning of May 1998, Brest became a member of transnational organization "Bug River region of Europe," the Polish province Liu Brin Chomsky and Wollensky is the state of Ukraine members of the organization.

Natural Resources

Brest beautiful natural environment, numerous lakes and forests. Rare live bison, wild boar, deer, roe deer, beavers and other animals in the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Brest region of Belarus is the western gateway, located at the junction of the north-south transportation hub and stuff. Developed transport infrastructure. Brest railway junction railway hub in Western Europe is one of the most developed regions, and fully guarantee the CIS and Western Europe to Moscow and St. Petersburg to the direction of transit. She is Berlin - Warsaw - Brest - Minsk - a pearl on the Moscow transport corridor, but also from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev must pass through. CIS countries to Western Europe overland exports 80% of goods are therefore in transit.

GDP was $ 6.9 billion, accounting for 9.6% of GDP in Belarus, Belarus ranked third in the state. The economic structure of the region are: industry (29.7%), agriculture (14.4%), trade, construction, transportation and communications (34.8%).


Brest to establish a well-developed sports infrastructure, to solve the problem of mass sports learning and professional training. The most important are sports city - rowing channel, an indoor sports arena, shooting range, Victoria Sports Complex stadium, baseball field, Brest Sports Complex, chess - checkers club, tennis courts, swimming pool, skate park facilities . Brest has two sports and entertainment Sports Complex, four stadiums, nine indoor pool, gym more than 100 clubs and 45 sports clubs and so on. Brest has registered a number of national and international sports events and competitions. In September 2007 Brest became the venue of the first session of the Eurasian Youth Games.

dealings with China

No embassy was in white, Hubei in 1992 with the Belarusian Brest develop friendly exchanges. In February 1994, the two sides signed an agreement to establish friendly relationship between provinces and states. 10 years, the two leaders conducted several visits. December 1992, the mayor of Brest in Iraq Van Vencel rate delegation to visit Hubei; February 1994, Brest region governor Vladimir Guy Burski of state government delegation to visit Hubei. In July 1993, the provincial president of the Cultural Exchange Association, Wang re-farming (Minister of Provincial Party Committee propaganda) of the provincial delegation to the cloth-friendly state. In August, the state's devastating storms, devastated, should recommend Embassy in white, Hubei providing relief assistance to 50,000 yuan fabric state. Provincial People's Congress deputy Ren Wanghan chapter (1994.7), the provincial CPPCC vice chairman Wang heavy farming (1999.11) has led a delegation to visit the cloth state. Xiaogan City in July 1993 to establish a sister city relationship with the state Bulie Si City, the city of Baranovichi.

in economy, trade, education, culture, health and other fields, the bilateral cooperation has made considerable progress. Since 1998, the state Chibi cloth has sent three batches of Chinese medicine medical team. They good medical technology and quality service, has won high appraisal of the state and in the white embassy.

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