Development History

In July 2015, Hawkn has announced the launch of a search action in human history, named "Break-to-listening" (The Breakthrough " Listen). This action will search by scanning the universe, a decade, and will cost 100 million US dollars.

In April 2016, Hawkin United Internet investor Yuri Milner announced a new $ 100 million in the launch of the universe on Tuesday to better understand the universe.

Explore the target

The goal of breaking the star project is to develop thousands of stamps of nano-small spaceship, flying to our nearest star, and send back.


If successful, the scientist will be able to judge whether the semi-horses Alpha Star system contains planets like the earth, accommodating the existence of life. Half Horse House α is about 4.3 light year. However, it is important to point out that the Breakthrough Starshot project will develop a small spaceship carrying cameras and communication devices. Scientists hope that such small spacecraft can reach 20% of the speed. This speed is much higher than the current spaceship, the project is developed for many years, and it is still unable to determine if it is successful.


Plan First Step To develop optical drive "nano-aircraft" that can reach the relativity speed of the "nano-aircraft" - the navigation speed can reach 20% of the radius, as the detector.

The routine rocket launches thousands of such detectors into the earth track. In addition to the light sail, the detector also has a "star chip": a mass of gram-based wafer, carrying a camera, photon propulsion, power system, navigation, and communication equipment.

The detector opens an open sail on the track, and a set of high-energy lasers can accelerate in turn, each acceleration time is no more than a few minutes; for cooling and maintenance, approximately every year to two days A accelerated task. Each detector is equipped with a sensor that studies the planet or a small planet, and the data will be returned back to the earth through the laser carried by the detector.


Breakthorn Plan is facing many challenges from laser, materials and communications. Such as: How to build a laser array that can emit small loads out of the earth? How to cross the interstellar distance, transfer the data back to us?


Yang Yuguang, a student of the Aerospace Science and Technology, believes that Hawkin's idea is impossible to implement it.

Yang Yuguang said that even if there is 100% efficiency, accelerate the object to 20% of the light speed, it is also necessary to be equivalent to the energy of more than 400 tons of TNT explosives, which is very huge. Moreover, the optical means can accelerate the object, and it is impossible to do this in the project. On the other hand, even if you have done this, then a gram of detectors, it is impossible to have any acts on such a distant distance, even if the photo is taken, then this photo is not so weak. Based on the basis of the signal transmitter to the earth and is received by the earth. We can be more than the solar system, that is, all of our planet detectors are far away from this Pluto, so a billions of kilometers, its signal is also very weak, then the Earth's reception is also very difficult.

International Space Magazine Executive Editor, Aerospace Experts Pang Zhaobai use "the most daring plan" to describe Hawkin's "Breakthorn Picture" program, and in his view, this plan is equally unprepared. Pang Zhaohao said that this similar to the principle of solar sails is accelerated by the ground to produce strong light or laser to the small spacecraft through the light pressure. Since theory, this idea seems to be good. But this light, such a small thing, so far, especially if you fly away, how to produce a strong laser, or other light, give it a huge light pressure to speed it, This is very difficult. And because there is a problem with the laser attenuation from the ground, there is a problem of atmospheric attenuation, but it is so far, how to communicate with it is also a problem. Now this technology, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve this.

One of the joint sponsors of the Breakthorn Plan, the Avi Loeb, Chairman of the Tianshi Physics Center of Harvard University, said: "Breakthrough in the star plan, but there is no departure from the basics The scientific principle. ""

Hawkin said: "What is the unique quality? In my opinion, beyond the limit is our unique quality. Today, we take a way to the universe. A big step, because we are human, our essence is flying. "

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