Baler Groups is based on the production materials of the capitalist class, exploiting the labor of employed workers, and implements the national form of the proletariat and the majority of labor people. The capitalist system has three or four hundred years of history, and there is no fundamental change in capital of capitalist ownership, but the rule of the bourgeois country has stable changes, and the early development of capitalist countries and the ruling methods of emerging capitalist countries are also Different, therefore, it is necessary to study the bourgeois countries.


1. People's Sovereignty (sovereign in the people)

meaning: The country's sovereignty belongs to the people, and all of the people. Founder: Poddan (France); Ji Phase: French enlightenment thinker ruins:

1 people exercise directly, do not entrust others or groups.

2 people entrust others or group exercise. "Parliamentary sovereignty": limitations

II, three rights discrete principles implications: state power is divided into legislative power, judicial power and administration, exercise by parliament, court and government, and each independent, mutual Restrictions and balance. Collection of large adhesives: 18th century, French enlightenment thinker Monndes Dove "The spirit of the" Theory of theory "The constraints between three rights, to avoid the concentration of authoritarian dictatorship, better protect the rights of the people. Acting on feudal autocracy, providing a solution for establishing specific national organizations. Limitations: covering the essence of the bourgeois country class. Principle of Basic Human Rights

The meaning of life and democracy. It is proposed that the enlightenment thinner proposed in the anti-feudal struggle, representing the characters as Rousseau. Socialist national principles: 1 Socialism principle 2 power belongs to the principle of people 3 Democratic centralization system 4 Socialist rule of law 1. The principle of national equality and internationalism



one The Constitution's principles of state power: 1 Consolidate and maintain state power: 1 The constitution establishes the constitutionality of state power in the form of fundamental law. 2 Most of the Constitution stipulates that it is conducive to the implementation of the rule of class rule. 3 The Constitution has adopted many relevant guidelines and policies, adjusting the contradictions within the ruling class, adjusting the interests of different classes, different aspects, thus achieving constitutional power to consolidate. 2 Limit and restriction, standardize the effective operation of state power.

Second, the Constitution's role of social economy: 1 Consolidation, protect your own economic foundation (public official system) 2 Direct promotion of economic development

three, constitutional effects on political system: 1 Establishment And maintaining the political system of the country 2 to the reform guidance direction of the political system

four, the Constitution's role of the national legal system: 1 to laid the foundation for the national legal system 2 for the improvement of the national legal system to lay the foundation

Five, the Constitution's role in citizens 'power: Constitution can make citizens' personal power has a reliable guarantee.

six, the constitution's role in social awareness and morality: guiding the role of

seven, constitutional effects: 1 The full implementation of the Constitution 2 The sound and improvement of the legal system 3 Constitution Operational Constitution: Constitutional Guarantee: (Constitutional Review) 1 Review of Legal Norms Developed by Legislands Developed by Legislands 2 Constitutional Constitutions for State Organs and Staff Sexual review

3 Conclusion of other social organizations and citizens' personal behavior review

2 significance: Modern General National Constitutional Security System: 1 Provision Constitution has the highest legal effect, Clear the highest legal status of the Constitution. 2 Provisions to modify the constitution must have a strict constitutional process to ensure the stability of the Constitution. 3 Provisions to explain the constitutional guarantee of the power of the constitution, supervise the implementation of the constitutional power of the Constitution [1949 ~ ∞] 1 History Development May 4th Constitution → Seven Five Constitution → Seven Bastern Constitution → Eight Second Constitution (Unscrupulous constitutional supervision system)

2 The security system of the current Constitution: 1 clearly stipulates that the Constitution has the highest legal status in my country to determine that all organizations and individuals must be fundamental as fundamental. It has the responsibility to maintain the dignity of the Constitution and ensure the implementation of the Constitution. 3 established a strict procedure for modifying modifications. 4 confirmed the supervision of the Constitution (National People's Congress) and Unplanation Constitution (National People's Congress Standing Committee).

5 The current constitution has made a series of regulations on the implementation guarantee.

3 Party leaders and masses supervision 1 2 Ancient "Constitution" and Modern Constitutional Constitution is the product of the bourgeois revolution: 1 The inevitable result of the development of capitalist production relations. 2 inevitable results of the political development of the bourgeoisie. 3 The inevitable results of the development of bourgeois political theory.

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