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Zhang Yanyuan Fang Aiben, Hedong (now Shanxi Yongji) people. I was born in the Genting a big country, Gao Zu, Zeng Zu and grandfather were all called "three-phase Zhang family". Zhang Yanyuan to Dali Qing. He learned to have a word, and he is very good, and he is good at Lishu. Zeng Shu has a "three ancestors' master's monument", "mountain poem" and other works. Zhang Yanyuan's family Zhongzhi Tibet's book is very rich, especially in the study of painting and calligraphy. Workbook,, is good. Another one has a "drawing", claiming to be "2 books, the paintings of the book".

Book Introduction

"Top Ten Volumes of the Legend", the total number of calligraphy, and Zhang Yanyuan, Tang Dynasty.

"Book Collection" quies a total of 39 kinds of calligraphy theories from the Eastern Han to Tangyuan and (806 - 820 -), including only the purpose, real Only thirty-four. Among them, Zhao Yu's "Non-Class", Yang Xin's "The Name", Wang Yugu "" On the Book ", Zhang Huaizhen's" Book "is all famous in ancient books, and the spread is very popular. It is also included in the "Guild" and Wang Xizhi 's "The Pen" of Wang Xizhi. "The four library books concise directory" The "said" is complicated, the book is the book, "is based on this."

"Book Collection" is an episode for the earliest book themest. Collecting the Eastern Han Dynasty to Tang Xianzongyuan and the various generations of calligraphy theory articles and famous legal books, all 34 kinds of originals are included. If you have not seen the original book, you will save it. For self-eye thinking for the counter, such as Wang Xizhi's "Teacher Stupid Pen", Zhang Huaizhen "Six-Part Take theory", etc., all in the directory, "not recorded".

Volume, Han Zhao Yu "Non-Class", Jin Wang Yizhi "On the On" (Not Recorded), Jin Wei's wife "pen", etc.; "The Book", Liang Wu Emperor "Book Review", Wang Haozhi "After the Pen], Song Shexin" The Name "of the Ancient Come can", "the book", Liang Wei's shoulder "book", Liang Yuan Yang "Ancient and Modern Book Review", Chen Xi Zhi Yong "After the Million Leyi", then Wei Jiang style "book"; volume three recorded Tang Yu Shunnan "book", 遂 军 书 目 ", Li Weizhen" ", Wuipingyi" Xu's Secretary ", Xu Hao" On the Book "," Ancient Tour ", He Yanzhi" Lan Ting Ji ", Yan Ying Tuo Ben" Le Yi Confidence ", Cui Bei Book" Fei Bai Xiao Yi ", Li Joho "Fei Bai Xiao Yi", "Big Father, Gaopinggong Xiaozhai, Cai Yushu" unrestrained vivismation "(survey); roll four colors of Yan Ancient bet" urgent chapter "(存 存), Zhang Huaiyi" book estimation " "Second King and other books", "book", "text", "存目)," Tang Dynasty Syria ", Wei's" Scriptures ", Lu Yuanqing" Law "; Volume five, volume six recorded sinus show "book"; volume seven, volume eight, volume nine record Zhang Huaiyu "book"; volume ten record "Right Army Secretary" and so on.

This book collects the information to be extremely abundant, and the school is selected or the crowd. Since the Eastern Han Dynasty, there is a book about book learning, and therefore, it is saved. Many of them have essays. They often live, such as Yang Xin's "The Name", Li Wei's "After", " The "book" of the shoulder, "book", etc. of Zhang Huai can. Another example is the "text" text, "The Book" is also recorded. The last volume of this book is "Right Army Secretary", with the two king law posts, four hundred and eighty, including "17 posts", "Lanting order" and other five, Xiao Wangzhi There are seventeen, which have made more detailed internotation. And Yan Yuan is deleted, or "not recorded", it is not a letter to the Chinese, inspected by the letter, known as the Chinese. Therefore, it is visible, "The Book" has a considerable status in the history of Chinese books, especially the outstanding contributions of collections, identification, and preservation of the names of origin, especially the collection, identification and preservation of the famous law, Make it an indispensable reference to future calligraphy researchers.


It has the "Acupunction Secretary", "Xuejin to discuss the original" book, "Book Yuan", Ming Zhengde Jiajing, the public, Han Fen Building He Yimen School-based, "four" books "and" Book Integration "this, the circulation is a wide range of people's Art Publishing House and Shanghai Painting Publishing House.

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