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"Ten Lands", etc. The merits of winning, and the speed of the di is not returned. "Jin Guangming Jing" cloud: "There is no positive thinking to repair it, the troubles can't make it, the name does not move."

Eighth land Bodhisattva has worked all the troubles and Seed, so the wisdom is the most cleaned. If you only have the realm of eight land, you can't get a satisfactory merits, so you can't get a successful effort, so you need to have a successful grain.

There are four levels of the four levels of the four levels to the "Local Bodhisattva", and there are ten smart classes in the Bodhisattva, and the Bodhisattva is time, Only the realm of unlunged wisdom, and repaired the ten land bodhisattva, they can enjoy the "wisdom" of the Buddha, enjoy the Treatment of the Bodhisattva, I can listen to the Buddha's face.

Ol, the big bodhisattva, Capricorn, Fu Bodhisattva. Shi Zun. I would like to tell me that all the sound will be enrolled in the second time. Let me and the Bodhisattva Capricorn. Good knowledge, I have been ignorant. Don't have to be in trouble in the face of the whole road. Buddha. I listen to it as 汝 汝


Eighth Bodhisattva's realm

/ * six places, seven places have slightly said * /

Dahui. Bodhisattva Capricorn is six places. And the sound of sound is inserted. Seven Lands Bodhisattva Miss Heng. Self-origin is from all age. Therefore, it is not two. The two will be taken by the break. There is no difference in law. Good and not good and self-correction. Therefore, you can't read it.

Dahui. Eighth Bodhisattva smells. The mind is destroyed separately. Start from the grounds and six places. Observing everything in the Three Recommemances is the ideology of the heart. I am not afraid that I don't see various kinds of peers. Anyone who is not known from the beginning. It can be attached to the endlessness in the heart.

Dahui. The Bodhisattva came three. The same voice is the case. Hold the Buddha's efforts. Do not enter the nirvana in Sanchaomen. If you don't worry, you don't cut everything. Can't satisfy. It is also subject to the kindness. Therefore, the Buddhas are saying that they are incredible. Do not enter the Nirvana. The sound of the sound is three. It is something that I want to be born.

Dahui. Qi Di Bodhisattva can observe the heart, I haven't of me. If you are alive, you will be in phase. The four do not make a good determination. It is from the Sanchaomen. Gradually bodhi.

Dahui. I am afraid to know the phase of the group. I don't know if I continue. It is said that the evil opaque is in the abroad.

Dahui. There is no. If you are alive. Lands. Three borders. Everything is seen in your heart. And the blaces can't know. So unknown. I and the Buddhas are like it.

Dahui. The sound is obedient to the eighth place of the Bodhisattva. Follow it for Sancha. Failed to see it. Self-cooperating is entangled. There is no I am born. Non-silence.

/ * Football Press: The following scrutiny No later there is * /

Dahui. Zhu Bodhisattva is found in the silence of the Sanyue. Even if you remember that I am willing to be sad. There is no other sentence to practice ten. It is not that it is not set to Nirvana. In the case of nirvana. Less than you can. Daily is satisfactory. There is no difference in all laws. I don't have to feel the knowledge of consciousness. However, it is impossible to afford the Dharma. If the wisdom is on, if you think. Liked from a certificate.

Dahui. In the dream. The convenience river did not feel. I have thought that I saw it. In order to be true. Repeated self-cultivation is not dangerous. If so, I will see it. I habled again. Dreaming from the dream of nothing.

Dahui. Bodhisattva is also true. Start from the initial place. From the seven place. And even increasing the eighth. See all the laws like a magic dream. Well-heartedly. Dynasty Dharma has not been certified.

I wanted to have no endlessness. This is the bodhisattva. Big Hui. There is no time in the first righteousness. Stay away from all realms. This is called the law. Ershun respected words

allraits and Buddhism, no video

This is to come to today's Buddha said

seven place is There is no image in the world.

This second place is the residual, I have to pay

self-evidence and clean this is my location

Most of the most winning color Solemn

For example, the fire is pleated with a flacculous generation

It is now in three, please, cool

or a change or a first time

It is the first to say that it is the first to be eight or the eighth place in the first beginning of

ninth, the first 7/p>

ninth. >

The second fourth fourth is the fifth

The third is the sixth unpacited case

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