Blue jade

Introduction sapphire

sapphire (1340-1393), Han, early Ming generals known. After the blue house only ranks given away, sapphire beautiful young sister is the emperor peasant uprising army generals Chang Yuchun fancy, married satisfied wife, teenage turquoise and therefore the rebels defected to the emperor, and Chang Yuchun men worked. Sapphire courage and knowledge, finesse, and the emperor appreciated by the regular book. Due to repeated military exploits, which has been called the Guardian Takenori 1000, pro-military by 1000, we are at the second Douzhihuishi, Grand Military Government qian. Hongwu four years (AD 1371), General Zheng Xi Fu Youde set off with turquoise Sichuan, the first gram Mianzhou (now Sichuan Mianyang City); followed by Great General Xu Da North levy, defeated in the chaotic mountain, river and other places soil thorn yuan main army. Hongwu years (AD 1374), he alone led troops captured the interest and prisoners of Public yuan posted his troops in tight red and 59 people. Hongwu eleven years (1378), and Mu Ying same town Zephaniah rebellion, rebels to death more than a thousand people, and Zephaniah tribal captured three Fushi, horses seized two thousand horses, cattle and sheep more than 100,000. Sapphire due to war service outstanding, has been called Yongchang Hou. Hongwu fourteen years (AD 1381), he has been called, respectively, and Mu Ying Zheng, deputy general about the South, set off Yunnan, defeated the Yuan army entrenched in the main Qujing in Yunnan, the capture of Ma Yuan Ping Zhang Dali, the Yuan government Yunnan liangwang Xianshibumiao forced to plunge himself. After the war speak of smb, sapphire exploits significantly, increasing 500 Paul Stone, his daughter was canonized as to King Shu Zhu Chun Fei. Hongwu twenty years (AD 1387), has been called Zheng Lu Lan Yu, deputy general left, with the Great General Qiu Feng Sheng Yuan discuss Naghachu. Division to Tongzhou, Discovery Yuan army stationed in Gyeongju, sapphire risk rate Qingqi snow hit the Yuan army, chopped fruit to Pingzhang yuan, captured his son not Lanxi, in Jinshan trick An Naha out remnants of surrender. Later, because of Feng Sheng convicted, the Ming court ordered Lan Yu "Explorer military," Lan Yu Feng as major general. Hongwu twenty-one years, residual yuan royal de Guth Moore posted following the throne, from time to time in the northern harassment, Lan Yu Ming court ordered an army 150,000 crusade. Sapphire division of plagiarism night and day camp, kill Yuan Qiu Manzi, de Guth stickers Moore and Prince Edward hearing the run for her life. Lan Yu led his army in hot pursuit, captured the second son of Emperor Yuan, Princess, princes and princesses, and other officials Pingzhang more than 3,000 people and seized tens of thousands of military supplies. Herald incoming capital, the emperor was overjoyed, then Dahir awards, letters of Public sapphire is cool. After it has been calm turquoise Shi Nan (now Hubei Enshi), Zhong Jian (now Sichuan Zhong), Duyun (now Guizhou Duyun City), etc. Division pretty rebellion, because power is again Tagalog 500 stone. Sapphire military prowess, the first Ming emperor frequent awards and reward, which gradually grow his grown arrogant, domineering bad style. Sapphire arrogant behavior caused great anxiety is to strengthen and consolidate the centralization of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Twenty-six years Hongwu (AD 1393) in February, Guard command Jiang Lan Yu Wang Xian said the rebellion had behavior, therefore, sapphire is treason to the emperor jails, at the family have all been cut, more than 15,000 people were implicated. This is the horror of ancient and modern "blue prison" case.

"blue prison" case also affected the city step turquoise hometown Rotary city, local resident surnamed blue afraid to hurt their own issue, put the name was changed to blue Qin surname, while turquoise settlement of Anhui Dingyuan blue green's surname surname is all. After the cut was turquoise, sapphire and long-time friend and have the same feelings in the country's public Qian Mu Lan Yu Chun left for the preservation of veins, the pregnant pregnant concubine hidden in the turquoise Mu House, it was a posthumous child blue Chang Jian. Mid Chenghua, "blue prison" cut loose growing network, Qian Xi Mu Cong country bukum life back to the ancestral home of the Blue Chang Jian Fu Chengbu City "Shou Shi Wang Fen" Since then, Chang Jian descendants multiplied developed, stretching so far. In Dan Town Taiping village, through a beautifully decorated Solitaire bridge, "Blue hall" out there in front. Blue Ancestral Ming Dynasty Longqing five years (1571), the Department of Blue's descendants, the tribe built to commemorate ancestors Lan Yu, also known as "Lan Yu hometown." Its appearance three arches, the bottom stone, green brick, total length 100 m, width of 34 meters, 12 meters high, an area of ​​1334 square meters, it very magnificent in open fields in a. The wooden composition 100 from the hall, a large column diameter 90 cm, height of 9 meters. There are hall-style palace shrines, there are tablets for the ancestors and descendants of the lineage of turquoise. Videos ancestral arches Diaolong Phoenix, printed Baxianguohai FIG lifelike, fish lying ice taken like FIG. Is the ancestral hall door rack stone masonry, lintels Founder seal the "blue hall" four characters; lintel engraved on both sides of a couplet: "continued Qian Gong founded the country, Shigemitsu feats Shao Hui Runan." Blue hall the more towards ages four hundred years, although a few were ridden the storm and misfortune, blue's descendants have it conducted three large renovation, the hall according to the greatest extent possible the original appearance preserved. In 2002, Lan Yu's hometown in Hunan province was listed as key cultural relics protection units. Every year since the beginning of 48, from all over Blue's descendants, Guizhou, Yunnan, Henan and Hunan will be gathered in this same section over black rice, and pay homage to the memory of ancestors. Touch the ancestral mottled wall, gazing at the statue in the public hall of jade, as if we penetrate the history of the descendants of reincarnation tree and saw on the battlefield brave and skilled turquoise valiant and heroic.

City Taiping Town, there is a step Dan Boasting - Taiping Bridge, close to the blue hall Taiping Bridge is one of the most important signs turquoise hometown.

on the hillside road bridge across the Pacific, have sapphire tomb.

Blue hall

Lan Yu's hometown - the city step Taiping (10)

before the Ming Longqing five years (1571 ), towards the more ancient four hundred years, few were ridden the storm and misfortune, blue's descendants have it conducted three large renovation, the hall according to the greatest extent possible the original appearance preserved.

ancestral rectangular pedestal, Miankuo total 15.2 m, a total depth of 46 meters, the building area of ​​699.2 m2.

ancestral arches Diao painting phoenix, the "Eight Immortals", "Buddha sitting on a lotus," "Phoenix wings", "peacock", "the title of mud swallows", "Flying Unicorn," "plum Sheng put "and other stories of clay sculpture, painting, vivid, lifelike, has high artistic value.

is the sapphire hometown hall door frame stone masonry lintel engraved on both sides of a couplet: "creation Qian Gong continue States, Shigemitsu feats Shao RunAn recovery." Ancestral two lines and three horizontal brick into the courtyard , rational layout, complete functions, arch, theater, gables, cornices, with strong local architectural features, blue clan ancestors, procedure, patriarchal, reading, entertainment in an integrated architecture.

100 ancestral framed by wooden pillars, poles maximum diameter 90 cm, height of 9 meters.

shrine hall palaces formula for the tablets have ancestors and descendants sapphire lineage. , In the hall, on the left side erected "Qian country to grave" Bricks.

lobby for the theater

within the ancestral collection of some traditional Hmong live production tools.

Orchard rice section

is an important holiday ritual Lan Yu Lan's family, and for hundreds of years. Eighth day lunar year, the tribe must take their loved ones home, to prepare sumptuous food and wine, eat ancestral "Umi rice", commonly known as the "April eight black rice festival", this festival is to express Lan Yu miss.

Heaven after emperor legend sapphire, head hanging public display, sapphire has a do not take advantage of the anti-trusted Yang to remove the head, the valley hidden basket, the cover with millet, day and night, escort step to the city to support the (now Dan Taiping Town), time of arrival, it was bloody valley became dark red. Blue Valley as their clan of seed, the seed was planted seedlings stem thick, high shelf, leafy, stems and leaves of red, Belmihoub red. Serbs think: This is the blood of the ancestors of the Umi dyed, so the only well-known, not outward expansion of species. Thus, for centuries, this Umi only by the blue clan is responsible for the organization of each tribe village of planting. In recent years, "Wu rice Festival" in addition to inheriting the traditional worship of ancestral spirits beyond, is also an important festival Taiping folk culture, the annual "black rice festival", have organized local events and, therefore, have a richer connotation.

Umi rice (3)

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