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Birth age

Birth age

Chinese women's body, system development mature to 24-25 years old, premature birth, such as 20 years old, difficult yield And the incidence of complications in pregnancy increases, while abortion, premature birth and fetal malformation rate are also high. But there is not good to give birth to birth, if the first child is 35 years old, that is, the child's initial maternal, the yield is significantly improved, which is unfavorable to maternal and child, and it is easy to affect the quality of newborns. After the birth age is too late, the fetal malformation rate after pregnancy is increased, and the incidence of dementia increases with the increase of my mother's birth. This is due to the influence of egg cells from various environmental factors, gradually aggrieved, during egg cells for mesenchylation, prone to chromosome is not separated, resulting in abnormal number of ovatar chromosomes, such egg cells are fertilized, can develop into a chromophoresis Patients, such as congenital fools. According to the survey, the incidence of innate fools is 1/5000 in a maternal in the age of 25 to 29. It is about 1/900 at 30 ~ 34, and it is about 1/250 in 35 ~ 39, but over 45 years old. Can up to 1/40. In general, women's birth age is the best time between 25 and 30 years old, and women are not more than 30 years old, and men do not exceed 35 years. The child's body comes from the parents and experiences the initial growth in the parent, so the age of parents will have a certain impact on children's intellectual development, depending on the difference in certain genetic quality of the parents.

Genetics research shows that the mother is too small, and it has not fully developed mature. It will definitely have a bad impact on the development of children; in addition to the perspective of cultivation, the weak parental society will directly affect Intelligence education to children. However, it is not too old, and the mother is too old. The incidence of fetal intellectual development is increased, and it is possible to cause low intelligence and other nervous system development abnormalities. In general, female pregnancy is good between 25 and 30 years old. Because as age increases, egg cells will be aging, egg chromosome decline, and some opportunities in some genetic diseases increase.

, the father's age cannot be too large. The man is too large, the vitality of sperm will be reduced, and the incidence of various diseases will also be relatively increased. If the sperm is abnormal, it is prone to abortion, premature birth and baby congenital malformation, and the cartilage development is incomplete, congenital deafness And congenital heart disease, etc.


From the perspective of genetics, the smaller the birth age during the childbearing age, the greater the variability, the so-called variability is generally the advantages and excellent portions of the parents Inherited, pass it to a generation of generations than one generation. Variety of parents' shortage; the larger the age, the smaller the variability, that is, the greater the chance of putting the shortcomings and defects of the parents. . In real life, some children have found the advantages of both parents, one generation is more excellent; while another child concentrates on the shortcomings of parents, this is the result of this genetic role. Therefore, age is not absolute, but from the perspective of expedition, it is necessary to pay attention to the role of age, and the best birth age is scientific, and the quality of fertility can be improved to eliminate unfavorable factors.

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