Important parameters

Main chipset: Intel845

CPU socket: Socket423

CPU type: Pentium 4

Integrated chip: support

Motherboard type: ATX type

Motherboard bus: 400

Graphics slot: 4X

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Motherboard chip

Integrated chip: Support

Chip manufacturer: Intel

Main chipset: Intel845

Chipset description: Intel845/82801BA type

Processor specifications

CPU type: Pentium 4

CPU socket: Socket423

CPU description: 400

Motherboard bus: 400

Memory specifications

Memory type: SDRAM

Memory Description: 4*RIMM

Expansion slot

Graphics card slot: 4X

I/O interface

External port: AC' 97

PS/2 interface: 1xPS/2 mouse interface, 1xPS/2 keyboard interface; 2xUSB interface; 1x parallel port, 2x serial port; 1x game interface, 1xLin-out/Lin-in/Mic interface; 1x infrared connector; 1x audio connector

Board type

Motherboard board type: ATX board type

Warranty information

Warranty policy: nationwide warranty, enjoy Three guarantees service

Warranty time: 1 year

Details: Refer to the national "new three guarantees" regulations to implement. Enjoy free warranty service at authorized repair centers across the country with the original copy of the completed warranty card and the purchase invoice. Machines that fail due to modification or installation of other functions will not be accepted. Once the warranty card and purchase invoice are altered, the warranty will become invalid. Please keep the purchase invoice and warranty certificate together as a warranty certificate. If it is lost, it will not be replaced.

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