1. The exact number of downstream processes in accordance with the billboard stated in order to order products.

Billboard (2)

2. Upstream processes in accordance with the billboard stated the exact number and order to produce products.

3. I did not see the billboards, not the production or handling of products.

4. All parts and materials must attach a billboard.

5. Never to be defective and the number of incorrect product to the next production station.

6. Reduce the number of billboards in each of the time should be very careful to avoid some of the problem of insufficient inventory.




① store business license or business name approved copy size 2 parts;

② a copy of the lease contract 2 parts;

③ billboard effect 2 parts (when required color renderings, shot put down about the front of the case are filmed 80CM);

④ application report (including set location, release time, content, form, size, quantity; One duplicate); 2 parts

copy ⑤ property certificate;

1 stores the orientation of FIG parts ⑥; ( Baidu Web site or can be downloaded from the other, but it must be marked on the map the specific location of the shop); after

Hangzhou to go in your area Rush hall handled, such as your materials will help you look for urban management audit, such as urban management after accepting the hall accepted, the inspectors will have staff look at the scene, after marking agreed layers of leadership, then to review the content industry and commerce, if a link does not agree, it means that approval is not successful within one week. In perhaps the company can help you get through all aspects work together to enhance your corporate image.

If not approved, then forced to dismantle first set, then fined and then approve even more trouble, the higher the price.

first door (signage)

standard advertising is not the same for each cell, business and urban management did not make provisions for external depends on the specific structure of the house.

billboard in production operations, has two functions: the production process of manufacturing the product instructions, and the operator indicating material handling products. The former referred to the production of billboards (billboards or manufacturing), the latter called to pick up a billboard (or extract billboards). Production billboards to downstream processing required type of product, quantity told upstream processes. In the simplest case, for example, an upstream process to prepare in advance and "a box of parts" corresponding to the production of billboards, it will be with a box of parts in inventory while supermarket. When a box of parts to be removed, manufacture billboard was used to start the production. Some signals billboard triangular shape, it is also known triangular billboard.

extract billboards indicating the parts transported to the downstream process. There are generally two forms: internal and supplier billboard billboards. At first, in the city of Toyota Li, both forms are widely used cards, but when lean manufacturing is widely used, those far away from the plant supplier, on billboards instead of the electronic form. To create a pull system, you must use both the production and extraction billboard: downstream process, the operator retrieves the first product from the cargo tank when it took out a billboard and extract it into a billboard nearby box. When Porter returned inventory value stream upstream of the supermarket when the piece is extracted into another billboard billboard box, a box indicating the upstream process of reproduction parts. Only in the case of "see billboards, not to produce or transport products", it is a true pull system.

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