Bi Fujian video event

Events Background

On April 2015, CCTV host Pi Fujian, a paragraph of the wine table, the video of the "智 取 山 山", the video, Bi Fujian sang The Yangtze Drama "We are the famous sections of the workers", and he sang and reviewed the use of shame. This video lasts up 1 minute and 18 seconds was put on the Social Network on the 6th, which triggered public opinion.

Bi Fujian video event

Event After "April 2015, the Radio, Film Station announced the new personnel appointment of CCTV: Nie Chen served as the president, and the original Taiwan director Hu Yandan was removed by age. CCTV released an urgent notice at the late night of April 7: From April 8 to 24:00 on April 12, the various columns of the entire channels were not broadcast from Bi Fujian as a host or guest. Many CCTV employees confirmed the authenticity of the notice. On the evening of April 8, CCTV News Center officially responded to the "Bi Fujian Network Video" incident: Bi Fujian as a CCTV host, the speech in this online video has caused a serious social impact, and we carefully investigate and make serious strict accordance with relevant regulations. deal with.


According to Bi Fujian Weibo on April 9, 20:05, Bi Fujian made public apologies on "indecent video", saying "My personal speech is in society." I personally speech in society I have caused serious adverse effects, I feel very self-blaming. I sincerely wipe a deep apology to the public. As a public figure, I have learned lessons, strict requirements, and strict requirements. "

In August 2015, according to the "China Discipline Inspection Supervision" report, CCTV host Bi Fujian used ridiculous way to damage the video of the older generation party and the national leader, after the online flow of online, the State Administration of Press, the party committee, the party committee It is considered that this is a serious violation of political discipline, and the CCTV Commission for Discipline Inspection is seriously processed.

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