Berlin Cultural Carnival


Lifting "Carnival", people are most easy to think about Brazilian Rio, Brazil, in Brazil, in Brazil, in fact, in addition to South America, Carnival is also very popular in Europe.

Berlin Cultural Carnival


Berlin Cultural Carnival started in 1996, the German Berlin Cultural Carnival has become a large-scale event that is the most famous in this city. To celebrate a variety of cultures in Berlin, the Carnival is held once a year. There are more than 450,000 people from all over the world living here. More than 3 million Germans and 500,000 foreign tourists have been taken every year, and this number has increased year by year. Unique food and international cooking methods, plus music and dance, everything makes Berlin attracts everyone's gaze at this time. Carnival is held in spring every year, and the most important parade will show nearly 80 characteristics of different countries.


Participating in many musicians and dance enthusiasts, people who play homemade xenophone are brought to Ghana, and they will play long hills. The performance of the flute reflects the characteristics of Nordic from Switzerland. Of course, the carnival naturally does not have less enthusiasm from Brazil. Nearly 80 different countries such as Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America are in this grand "cultural parties".

Germany's Berlin Cultural Carnival has been a 17-year history, known as one of the "most famous 10th National Carnival" in the world.

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