Ben Ning Mountain

Penning Mountain range


is also translated into Ning Mountain.

Ben Ning Mountain

Topographic map (1)

The highest peak Cros is 893 meters above sea level. The western slope is steep, and the east slope is gentle, and there is a small number of people who can share things. Limestone is exposed, and the grooved terrain is spread all over. The highland has a raised sheep industry, and the valley is a farming area. Tourism is also very important, the three mountains, York Valley and Northbury are also in national parks.

Penning Mountains (5)

Main Mountains and Waterfront in Northern England. Extend from Nosenberland to Derbys County. Western slope is steep, Dongpo is gentle. East is York Valley, West As the Lanke Summer and Red County Plain, South is Trent River Valley. The northern Northern Nanshankou and Iden (Eden) Valley and Cheviot and Lake District are looking forward. The mountain range is divided into many hills by the river valley. The northern section is higher than the south section. The highest point CROSS FELL is 893 meters (2,930). Water flow forms the underground cave and river. The local economy is mainly made by shepherd industry and limestone. There are many small town towns, Hawes, Muker, and Grassington, and Grassington. The mountain tourism is important, and there are three national parks in Pick District, Yorkshire Valley and Nosenberland. Have the Dalin and Dalers. There is a preliminary and Roman era of architecture.

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