Beijing University of Technology Stadium

Construction History

Scheme Collection

This architectural design begins on December 9, 2003, March 26, 2004 Northern Industry Dazheng The 11 domestic and foreign famous design companies or design consiration documents shall be issued. On June 8, 2004, the design results were submitted to the design results. From June 10th to 11th, 2004, the relevant planners, architects, structural engineers, landscape garden teachers and other 39-bit technical work groups correspond to the design plan. Technical review is carried out.

From June 18 to 19, 2004, from 11 related architects, structural experts, international feather, Beijing Olympics Committee, Beijing Municipal Government departments, in the north The General General Science Building held a review plan for the North Industrial University Stadium (Olympic Badminton Hall), experts adhering to the objective, fairness, justice and public principles of 11 syndrome design programs, and finally bissed 3 excellent design is the B01 program (Design, South China University of Technology), B11 Program (Design, China Building Design, Design Institute), B08 Program (Netherlands KCAP Urban Planning and Architectural Design Co., Ltd. and Oyana Engineering Consultant Hong Kong limited Company design).

Construction process

Construction period

June 30, 2005: Beijing University of Technology Stadium construction started.

November 2005: Steel structure experts gathered the China Steel Structure Association Annual Meeting to jointly solve the steel structure problem of Northern Stadium.

January 2007: The steel structure installation of the Gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology is basically completed.

October 8, 2007: Beijing University of Technology Academy Academic Academy Acceptance Delivery.

Test Period

October 10 to 14, 2007: Undertake 2007 "Good Transport Beijing" International Badminton Invitational Tournament.

October 14, 2007: The staff of the Northern Sports venue will carry out the Olympic combat simulation - withdraw the paddle pads in the venue in the fastest time, transform into the art gymnastics competition venue.

December 5, 2007 to the month: 2007 "Good Luck Beijing" Art Gymnastics International Invitational Tournament.

Venue structure


The construction of the gym has: the competition and warm-up field, the audience area, the event management area, the venue operation area, VIP and official district, sponsorful business district, athletes and team officials, news media areas and security districts.

The project is strictly designed in accordance with the requirements of the Olympic Engineering Design Outline of Beijing University of Technology, the scale is as follows:

total construction area 36332.4 square meters

These include:

Media room area 2402.7 square meters

VIP, sponsor room area 4857.9 square meters

athlete's room area (including warm-up homes) 6159.5 square meters

Event management and venue business area 6169.5 square meters

Equipment computer room area 2984.6 square meters

competition hall and audience lounge 10592.5 square meter

Other building area 2605.4 square meters

security area 560.3 square meters

substrate building area 16922.992 square meters

total land area 58987.750 square meters

Building density 28.69%

Greening rate 30.89%

Volume Rate 0.446


Prestressed Dome Structure

Beijing University of Technology Stadium

The upper part of the Beijing Institute of Technology is a single-layer net shell in the top of the crown. It consists of many steel pipes. . Under the single-layer reticular reticle under the badminton house, Tens of high-intensity steel ropes will be used to support the shell. In the dome structure of the gym, connecting the five loops, is a steel pipe woven into a fishing net. In this braided structure, there are 102 universal scalable nodes. The so-called universal scalable node is to change the "dead buckle" of the intersection of the "fishing net" to "live buckle".

and "live buckle" practice is to divide the fixed node into two halves, the top fixed partially open groove, and a part of the bottom is a hemispherical shape, similar to the human joint. Two sets, better stress performance, safer to buildings.

Supreme and smart windshield design

Beijing University of Technology Preschool air conditioning design is shipped under the air conditioning, which is to add air conditioning in the table. Wind pipeline, let the cool breeze blow out from the viewer's seat. There are three three-diameter airfractical ports, and such a spindle is more than 9,100 throughout the gymnasium. This will "decompose" into more than 9,100 air outlets, and the wind speed is of course smaller. In addition, the air outlet is designed under the audience, and the returning air is designed between the two-story viewer, and can avoid vortex flow. The generation does not affect the athlete's competition.

Green Environmental Concept

Beijing University of Technology Campus has achieved rainwater collection, while the Sports Square of the Gymnasium adopts color water-water concrete, some lighting adopts efficient Lighting diode lighting, gymnasium use ground hot heating mode, summer heat heat pump system cooling, these can achieve energy-saving and environmental protection.

At the same time, there is a perfect waste treatment system in the museum. At each of the two ends of the gym, each garbage treatment is provided, and the truck can be easily reached, which is convenient for garbage collection and transshipment. The bucket is provided with cleaning equipment storage and cleaning staff in each bathroom at the gym, which is easy to work.


In the functional positioning of the gym, in the "comprehensive utilization, service university, the society" principle, in 2008, the 2008 Olympic Badminton, Art Gymnastics Competition Project Olympics At the same time as the requirements of the event will fully reflect the unity of the Olympic spirit in the binding of the body education.

After the project competition will become one of the important cultural heritage of Beijing Olympic Games in Beijing, and will also become one of the landmark buildings of Beijing Southeast Region and Beijing University of Technology. Therefore, the project is taken into account and the advantage of this feature is taken into account. Considering the current situation of the lack of sports venues and college activities, the project will mainly serve the University of Physical Education and College Students' Cultivation. At the same time, consider using the favorable conditions of this project to host large events, performances, and open in the holidays, both promote the development of community sports, and can have certain economic benefits, reducing the financial burden of the operations of this project.

Technical Features

To implement the "Green Olympics" concept in the three concepts, the gymnasium is designed to save energy-saving standardization, improve the insulation of maintenance structures, and can Shorten the running time of the energy system and reduce energy consumption. Specifically, in the following measures:

1, strictly control the heat transfer coefficients of each part of the gym, and the K value of non-transparent roof is controlled at 0.7W / (m 2 · K) The K value of the transparent non-transparent roof and the glass curtain wall is controlled below 2.0W / (m 2 · k). The outer wall K value is controlled below 0.8W / (m 2 · k), the window K value is controlled below 2.5W / (m 2 · K).

2, set adjustable outer masks on the glass curtain wall and large area.

3, natural lighting, window area is strictly controlled within a range of specifications.

4, due to the characteristics of sports buildings itself, some rooms are difficult to achieve natural lighting requirements, this design has adopted some strengthening and regulatory measures.

5, natural ventilation, due to the functional characteristics of the gym, the ventilated rooms are unilateral natural ventilation, so the depth of the ventilation room is controlled within 2.5.

Operation after the game

The positioning of the item after the game

After the project, the project is used in "comprehensive utilization, service university, Take into account the society. "

"Comprehensive Utilization" has two meanings. On the one hand, this project will be transformed into multi-purpose libraries after the inspection. It is a training base for the Badminton team of the State Sports General Administration, and a college student event center. On the other hand, it refers to the goal of internal and sorcerer, and has a moderate economic benefit to achieve economic benefits to achieve economic benefits.

"Service University" refers to the use of the Office of the Office of Beijing University of Technology and the Center for Northern University of Technology and the quality of college students. Northern Industry has no indoor gymnasium and student activity center. According to the views of the "Beijing University of Technology Campus, the Equivalent Research Report", and the number of people in the school of Northern School, the construction of the indoor gymnasium is 6060 square meters, university students Center 1450 square meters.

"Take into account" means that the project will give full play to the implementation of the university itself, give full play to the improvement of the project, fully functional advantages, serving social sports, cultural undertakings to meet the growing community residents Fitness, entertainment needs.

The main form of "taking into account the society" can be:

(1) to undertake major indoor sports events at home and abroad.

(2) Undertake large style: such as concerts, exhibitions and joint activities.

(3) open to the public, fitness, entertainment.

(4) Using project facilities, equipment, explores the form of operations in the form of fitness clubs.

(5) The conference center after the upgrade is used to provide conference services.

After the renovation program

To meet the functional requirements of the school arrangement service, the stadium function partition has made four major transformation: First, use A large number of cut news media use rooms transformed into a college student stylistic activities; the second is to use the main venues of the game, combine the warm-up hall and some athletes, and transform the event management room, form a fitness center, and provide school physical education. And as a national feather team training base, it can also be used as a commercial competition; three is to use a large amount of reduced event management room, especially senior office housing, and transformed into a conference center; four is to take the game and sponsored rooms and sponsored Commercial housing and the advanced club, equipped with these housing maintenance, and fully utilize the resources of the venue.

The sports hall of the gym has been retained, and the second floor security room is removed, broaden the space of the second floor of the auditorium, used as the sports exhibition space.

Gymnasite entrance, athletes entrance, security entrance, media entrance, disabled entrance to reserve, have been used when other large competitions have been held after the Olympics, and the entrance to the venue is adjusted. Usually, the media entry is used as an entrance to the event, and the VIP entry is used as an advanced club entry and increases the entrance of the conference center and the fitness center.

After the game, the venue and its partial supporting rooms have basically maintained the original function, and the school teaching gap is convenient for foreign countries and activities, as well as the training base as the national badminton team. The 15,000 viewer seats in the game will retain the fixed seat after the game, and the temporary construction seat will be dismantled, and the movable seat can be adjusted according to the requirements of the venue, and can be used for flexible use of the Competition Center.

After the disciating, when opening the society, the main venue can meet badminton, volleyball, basketball, handball, table tennis, tennis and indoor football, etc., and can also train. Large events such as performances and concerts, celebrations, exhibitions, exhibitions. According to estimates, when renting as a gym site, the site center can arrange 12 badminton venues, and 24 sheet tennis tables can be arranged around the venue. In addition, 15 table tennis terraces can be arranged in three layers using the original viewer area.

The warm-up hall is mainly the training base of the national badminton team. Training gaps can be used as the activity venue for the gym club and the ball training course. It can also be arranged for 3 badminton venues for rent for mass fitness.

After the renovation center has an area of ​​about 600 square meters, including 1 large conference room (about 80 square meters), small conference room (about 40 square meters per meter) and VIP reception room ( 40 square meters) 1.

Transportation Information


30 road, 34, 486, 649, 605, 601, 621, 938 line, 973 , 985, 988, etc., Beijing University of Technology (Bus Stop Beijing Gongye Daxue)

Beijing University of Technology - Stadium


Recently, Jinsong Station, recommended three kinds Bus route

Direct Scheme: Take the Eastern Section of No. 14 and can directly arrive at the Northern University of Technology.

Transfer Scheme 1: Take the line 1, transfer to Tower 10 on the International Trade Station, and replace it in the east section of the Shili River Station to the east section.

Transfer plan 2: Take the line No. 13, exchange line No. 10 in Zhi Sichun Road Station or Yuhaju Station, and replace it in the east section of Shili River arrive.


1. (from the land - Xizhimen Bridge): West Dawang Road - Guangqu Road - Guangqumen Bridge - Jianmenqiao - Chaoyang Gate Bridge - Dongzhimen Bridge - 和 - 安定 门桥 - Deshengmen Bridge - Xizhimen Bridge

2. (From the Land - Dongzhimen Bridge): West Dawang Road - Guangqumen Road - Guangqumen Bridge - Western Bridge - Building Guojie Bridge - Chaoyang Gate Bridge - East 40 - Dongzhimen Bridge

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