Beijing Online

Operation method

Beijing online server hosting in three-line machine rooms such as Telecom Unicom, and the operation team is enriched in the original Qianlong Net, Jinghua Net and other Beijing's well-known company operation team. Beijing online passed a few times in the peers of the same industry \ capital \ brand investment laid a solid foundation for the company in the industry in the industry, and also made the most effective guarantee for the effectiveness of our customers.

Beijing Online

Group Analysis

Region: 90% in Beijing, 7% of domestic users, foreign users account for 3%. Gender: Beijing online male users are 60%, 40% of women users. Age: Beijing Online 90% of users age between 18-40 years old. Analysis of education: Major user groups are office workers and civil servants, high school and undergraduate degree, junior college, undergraduate degree accounting for 55%, bachelorstale is 5%.

Service range

Beijing online as Beijing Information portal, netizens covered 14 municipal districts, 2 counties, and a total of 135 street offices and 182 towns. At the same time, due to Beijing as the particularity of the "People's Republic of China Capital, Central Municipality, China National Center City, China Politics, Culture, Education and International Exchange Center," China's economic finance decision-making center and management center ", Beijing Online is also domestic The high concern of foreign network users.


Beijing Opened 12 channels, from Beijing, News, Education, Technology, Culture, Sports, Tourism, Transportation, Life, Entertainment, Securities and Women. Channel | News, Reviews, Places, Administrative, District, Country, Domestic, Lottery, Seeking medical, Information, Dating, Going out, Navigation, Classification, Forum, Talent, Health, Health, Star, Birth, Group Buying, Wealth, Business , Property, home, bus, map and other columns. Beijing Online passed the channel and column planning, combing massive Beijing information, and truly helping netizens to solve problems while providing netizens, providing more services for netizens.


Let the world know Beijing and let Beijing go to the world. Mining Beijing wonderful, casting Beijing brilliant.

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