City Overview

Germany Bayret City is located in Shangfangken District, Bavaria, about 100,000 people, not only the economic and technological education center in the region, but also famous Germany. Science and Technology R & D Base, a perfect education system and vocational training system.

Many industries in Bayreto are well-known, with a leading position, such as pharmaceutical industry, plastic industry, tobacco industry (world famous British and American Tobacco Research and Development Center is located in the city), machinery manufacturing, construction industry , Beer brewing industry and handmade industry, etc. The city has a total output value of 6.8 billion euros.


Bayret University is a famous University of Germany for the National University of German University. Bayreto is also a famous Music hometown of German musicians Richard Wagner. There are countless Wagner fascinates every year.

Bayrev city is excellent, close to No. 9 Expressway (connected Berlin and Munich) and 70 expressway; railway four-way Eight Dacted, connected to European Expressway network; distance Nuremberg and Frankfurt International The airport is only about 70 km and 250 kilometers respectively. Convenient transportation is ideal for investment points.

The city focuses on developing and China's friendly relations, providing a good business and development environment for entrepreneurs from China, and Chinese investors will be enthusiastic and highly concerned.

Bayroit University has a cooperative running school with many universities in my country (the national mutual mutual public fee study, non-3 + 1, 2 + 2 types), and due to Bavaria and Shandong Province has a fixed partnership with a fixed partnership, and the local Chinese face is still more.


famous landscape

NEUES SCHLOSS und Hofarten Bayreuth: New Palace was founded in 1753 and is the Duke palace at the time. Opernhaus: The Grand Theater is the Royal Theater in the 18th Century.

Eremitage Und Hofgarten Bayreuth: Winter Palace was built in 1715 magic Dream Palace (Schloss Fantaisie): The palace is the Duke Xia Palace.

Burg Zwernitz: The castle is built in 1156 as a fortress.

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