Basin Hars


Name Source: Antelope Reef is like an antelope, like a basket, hollow, Hainan fishermen, called a basket (reef), the above Sand Assembly Basis Horse.

Basin Hand State is a sandbranch in the China Sissha Islands, located on the reef reef in the southeette of the antelope reef, and the geographical coordinates are 16 ° 27 'from the north latitude, 111 ° 36'.

Basin Horse is about 2 meters, the area is only 0.01 square kilometers (like Duck Gongjao, Yintu Size), shaped like a new moon, full of white coral and other biological The crumbs are sparse.


Some literatures describe the position of the basket of Ben Toyo as between the antelope reef and Guangjin Island, but more authoritative literature and satellite pictures show, basket of sand It is a small sand in the southeast corner of the antelope reef, is part of an antelope reef.

Basin Hars

There is also one and the outer sea between Guangjin Island.


Antelope reef is like an antelope, the middle is empty and like a circle basket, Hainan fishermen said a basket (reef), circle.

Hainan fishermen said "Basiny" to the basket of sand.

In 1983, the standard name announced by the Chinese government was "Basis Hat".


Basin Village (4)

The entire village, the antelope community, all houses from the house to the roof It has been grinded from hard corals and shells, far away, the village is "gray" color.

The fishing village has resistant to the 17-level typhoon, also known as the south of Xisha.

The peripheral waters around the antelope is one of the most difficult channels in the Xisha Islands. Transport difficulties lead to a lack of resources on the island, but the typhoon is very serious due to lack of plants, typhoons are very serious about houses on the island, so The fishermen take the ground to take the material, as the wreckage of corals and seashells as foundations, house gaps, roof materials, have achieved good windproof effects.


Small Lighthouse

Xinhua Net Hainan Channel August 6, 2014 (Reporter Zhao Yingquan) On August 4th, the Nanhai Navigation Security Center completed Nine reef in Xisha, Antelope Reef (Basis Handu) , Jinqing Island, Nanshazhou, Gaojian Stone, etc. 5 island reefs (pile) construction Search work.

"Sansha City, Hainan Sansha City, the newly-built-resistant-resistant 17-level light pile _ Netease News" report is built on October 21, 2015. It is understood that Jinqing Island and Antelope Reef Basket Sandbu Land Leader The upper light pile material is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, a column tube is 0.8 meters, a height of 6 meters, a lamp life 50 years, a color life of 15 years, a sun? Level 8, the wind level 17, the light source equipment is more than 5 sea.


2016 Xia, Antelope Reef Neighborhood Committee Comprehensive Building cap, the fishermen's residential building built two, water aircraft terminals, and tourism supporting projects will also be completed.

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