Basic interaction


Basic interaction (Fundamental Interaction), the most basic interaction between the material, often referred to as Natural world Or The basic force of the universe . All observed physical phenomena of substances to date, in physics, can be described and explained with the mechanism of these four basic interactions.

The agency believes that strong interactions, weak interactions, and electromagnetic interactions can be unified into an interaction, and the electromagnetic interaction of uniform interaction and electromagnetic interaction has been demonstrated.

Gravity interaction

Main entry: Wanhe gravity

gravity interaction , referred to as gravity or gravity, is four Basic interaction is the weakest, but at the same time, it is the largest range of scope (it is not as unveiled with each other). However, when the distance increases, the influence of gravity interaction will decrease, assuming that the mutual distance of the two items is R, and its force can be inference

. Unlike other interactions, gravity can be widely acting on all substances. Due to its extensive range of effects, when the material mass is extremely large, the material-related attributes, and the material of the substance can sometimes be neglected relatively.

due to its wide range of roles, gravitation can explain some wide range of astronomical phenomena, such as the silver river, black hole and universe; and basic astronomy phenomena, for example: planetary rotation; there are some common sense, for example, The object is fallen, and the heavy object seems to be fixed on the ground, and people can't jump too much.

Many gravity is the first interaction described by mathematical theory. In ancient times, Aristotle has established an object with different quality is the theory of different speeds. During the scientific revolution, Galileo Galilele tested this theory - if air resistance is ignored, then all objects will fall to the ground at the same speed. Aisak Nineton has legends that Apple finds the original gravity of the place, which is introduced out of the law (1687), is an approximate to describe usual gravity behavior. In 1915, Albert Einstein completed broad relativity, using another way to describe - time and space geometry, and pointing out gravity is a result of space and time bending.

Today, it is a quite active field of quantum gravitational theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics. In this theory, the gravity is assumed to be transmitted by the gravity. The gravity is still immersed, and it has not been observed.

Although generalized relative theory is more accurately described in the case of non-quantum mechanical restrictions, it is confirmed by experiments, but there are still many alternative theories, which are carefully viewed by physicists. It will return to general relativity in some limits, and the focus of current observation work is in which a wide range of broad relative pairs are deviated.

Weak electric interaction

Main entry: weak electric interaction

Electromagnetic force and weak nucleation seem to have a large phase in the low energy in daily life, and available Two different theories are described, but when energy exceeds 100GeV, these two role will synthesize an electric weak. Electricity is quite important for modern cosmology, especially in describing the evolution of the universe. Soon after the big explosion, the temperature was approximately 10 15 k, and the electromagnetic force and the weak nucleation were fused into electrical strength.

Abdul Saram, Sheldon Grax and Steven Wenberge have received the Nobel Physics Award in 1979.

Electromagnetic interaction

Main entry: electromagnetic interaction

Most of the substances in the world have electromagnetic force, and magnetic and electricity is one of electromagnetic force. Performance mode. Such as charge is the characteristic of the same sex, which is one of them. The electromagnetic force and gravity are the same, the effect of its effect is infinite.

Weak interaction

Main entry: Weak interaction

Weak interaction , or Weak nucleus , it can be said to be another source of nuclear energy. It is mainly the natural radiation generated by the nucleus. In the four interactions, weak interactions is only better than the gravity.

Strong interaction

Main entry: strong interaction

strong interaction is also known as strong nuclear / B>, all objects in the universe are composed of atoms, and the atomic core is composed of neutron and proton. The neutron has no charge, and the proton is charged; however, it is necessary to take the gravitation to combine them, and strong interaction is this "traction".


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