basic English

Learning content

Basic English is the initial stage of learning English, basic English mainly includes the following aspects:

letter pronunciation, number, time, month And weekly, common national name, common city name, common abbreviation, international audio symbol, common sentence type

and international phonetic symbols include the following aspects

1. Front Element

2. Front Element

3. Consonant (burst) [P],

4. Consonant (burst) [T], [D] < / p>

5. Pronunciation Tips: Confucius turntable consonant

Basic English is the content of English entry must learn, the basic English is well learned, it is related to the future English advanced learning Learning effect.

Advanced learning involves English syntax, English speaking, etc. The exercise of English speaking is a step-by-step process. In real learning, you can use English-speaking entry training, a pair of mobile phones and other resource platforms, and improve your English.

Learning classification

Basic Speaking

With the gradual formation of global economic integration, the role of spoken English in international exchanges is more and more obvious, oral training It is an indispensable part of English learning. For people who have become used to Chinese, learning English spoken is difficult, especially when learning the foundation, often talk. Learning English foundations, rapidly improve the English speaking level to contemporary Chinese, especially young generations.

Basic Syntax

syntax has always been a difficult point in basic learning, because many students do not essentials when learning English basic grammar, and ultimately leading to negative psychology to English. Therefore, many English training institutions, abandoning traditional teaching methods, using advanced teachers and vivid classrooms, re-evocating students' enthusiasm for English basic grammar, and gives them to learn English.

English textbook

For zero-based students, it is clear that it is not enough to learn in the future, but also select a suitable English textbook. Nowadays, the English textbooks on the market are like a star, but it is mixed with fish, and zero-based students have no learning experience. I often don't know how to pick it.

English textbooks are not there, as long as you choose a textbook, it is best not to replace the whole way, just learn, eat, eat, your English level must be incredible.

One mentioned English textbooks, some students say "new concept", yes, "new concept" is very classic, but this is an English English textbook, pay attention to vocabulary, reading, grammar, if you want Key to improve English listening, this kind of textbook is not good, and the materials inside are more old.

Now many English training institutions, the textbooks used are "Cambridge International English Tutorial", this is a set of original English textbooks prepared by Cambridge University Press for non-English native English textbooks (American), teaching materials Divided into entry-level, level 1, level 2, 3, each level including 16 units, each unit has vocabulary, conversation, grammar, hearing, speaking, reading and other sections, focusing on learning learners listening, speaking, reading , Write all aspects of comprehensive ability, reasonable arrangement, diverse and practical, each level is gradually incorporated, it is one of the best English learning materials on the market.

Learning method

English learning has many methods, mastering these methods to achieve a half-time effect. The following is a common 42 English learning methods:

1, listen to the English meteorological report

2, listen to the Chinese Radio International English Broadcast 3, good use of sound recording tape exercise I heard the ability / p>

4, listening to normal speech speed can accelerate the progress of hearing

5, learn English from TV, movie

6, and friends show movie plots

7, reading English poetry

8, singing English

9, especially not to pronounce pronunciation

10, reciting celebrity Spelling words, find a chance to recite

11, overcome the disadvantages of pronunciation with English winding password

12, more humorous jokes, ready to apply

13 When listening to English, the mouth follows the "Phase I / P>

14, practice reading, the benefits"

15, practice after reading "to deduce

16, When reading a long sentence, you can stop in "phrase".

17, reading

18, interested reading and extensive reading in parallel

19 , Reading English newspapers and magazines

20, temporarily forgetting the dictionary

21, before checking the dictionary, guess reading

22, check the dictionary not only look "< / p>

23, check the dictionary, confirm each other, interacting

24, reading out, can remember the prison

25, the dictionary is checked, Don't join

26, to cultivate English in English, please use the English-English Dictionary

27, use the prefix and suffix expansion vocabulary

28, pay attention Vocabulary with

29, transform passive words to active vocabulary

30, using free linked ideas to review the word

31, using life Small episodes or social happening students learning English

32, accumulating practical preliminary sentence, finishing production into card

33, putting things happening on the same day, writing diary in English

34, write reading in English

35, write life experience into English composition, or do an oral published

36, talk to English, use English record < / p>

37, a person who is blowing out of the person

38, always remember from listening, reading, transition to say, write

39, looking for the subject from 迷 迷/ p>

40, familiar with the terminology related to sports, helps to communicate with foreigners

41, do not have to be perfect for yourself

42, play an idea, try to try / P>

43, see some basic English teaching materials

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