Bashan Grand Canyon

Scenic characteristics

Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is Karst Landform, the six mountains have been taken from the top ten main peaks, with an average of more altitude of more than 2,200 meters, all the year round smoke, gentle, Xian Mountain. Lao Huangshan is up to 2184m in the Bashan Grand Canyon, although he is not the highest, but the horizon is open, the top of the mountain is far away, and it is a little bit of the mountain, and the mountains are connected, and the blue waves are happy. There is a huge stone beam on the top of the mountain, the thick stone is called the quartz stone, the thickness is less than 1m, the height is 30m, the width is 50m, and the stone is full of Qingsong Cui, the three-day state; climbing, the boulder also found the pebbles of 201 million years ago And river sand. There is a place called a stalagmititizer in the middle of the mountain, and huge stalagmite is inserted into the cloud. The hanging rock welcomes the wind, the sound of the sound, the penetration is burst. There are more than 10,000 acres of original forests. Human Treated, the odd flowers are struggling to fight, the wild fruit is fragrant; go to winter, silver-shelled, hanging columns, clouds around the mountains, better than Wonderland. The most odd is the three hills of the half-mountain waist, as a crab, a frog, a snail, and all head toward the peak, lifelike. Legend has it, they live in the side of the patio. I got the love of Yu Emperor. I forgot to take them when I left the emperor. They didn't want to leave in the original place. I always hope that Yu Emily will come back. It will become a long time. Peak.

Main Attractions


Here is a hundred beasts, fairy rocks, Guanyin Caves, Nan Tianmen, two dragons, old Huangshan, rhinoceros, Tujia is suspended, Luo Zhaoyuan, Taoxi Wonderland.

Month, first-line days, Panlong Cave, and the rooster, the top ten attractions, both special, self-contained, and constitute a total of 300 Liles perfect harmony. Jiangkou Lake water area is 20 square kilometers, including cloud village, chicken stone stone, Sanduan Gazen, Puguang Temple, Huang Shihe Lin and other attractions. The Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area has a long history, and there is a site of the general, running horse, and martial arts, Datong, Runa Liang, Tingmint, Datong, and Shuilian, etc. The ruins. The road in the gorge is relatively flat, and there are 8 iron cable bridges, and communicate on both sides of the river.

Xuanhan Bashan Grand Canyon, it is known for his male, dangerous, odd, show, and swindle, the entire scenic area is divided into four valleys, five districts, six veins, seven (scenic, rocks, holes, water, things , Funnel, folklore), eight monsters (hurricane, water fighting, mountain fish, rock, birds, blowout, leaf, swallow), nine songs, ten peaks, hundred cave, thousands of scenery. The ghosts of nature put the mountains, water, caves into one, and the concentrate of 300 square kilometers between the heavens and the earth.

The mountain spring flow of the Bashan Grand Canyon has a lot of flowers, and there is a low-spirited, some have a vibration, some hanging the mountains, and some are hidden ...

Bashan There are more than 100 caves in the Grand Canyon, and they have a thousand, and exhibition. Some are very big, some exquisite, some are lake in the mountains, some like animal groups, some are unbearable. The stalactic stone is even more strange, and it is beautiful. Some people praise these Dongfu is "the world's fragrance, underground paradise".

More than 20 million years of ghosts, leaving us this lack of underground, and is not completed, this big and small funnel group. They are different, which are different. The most quite is that there is more than 200 meters in the mountains in Longquang Township, and the clouds are swallowed, and the hurricane is constantly, and the people are creepy, they don't dare to be close. The local people said that hail is the monster of the cave.

There are five funnels in the Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area. Local people call them a hole. Adult children like to leave the stone in the hole. Listen to the sound of each other, many caves The sound is reached for several minutes, it is really "sound" unspeakable.

unique kaster geomorphology, let Baashan canyon, feel colorful, natural millennium cave, Panlong Cave, Chicken Cave, etc. Add a mysterious color to the Bashan Gorge.

Animal Plant

Bashan Grand Canyon is not only a charming in the mountains, but also is very rich in animal and plant resources, many rare species. Have tiger, bear,, deer, suede, goat, flying tiger, dog, hedgehog, scorpion, monkey, wild boar, turkey, brocade, pheasant, stupid chicken, baby chicken, bamboo chicken, pearl Chicken, etc., the birds have a wide variety, and it is incompetent. There are dozens of doll fish and yafi in the river. They live between mountains and water, sing the village, pleasant, and different body differences, beautiful and moving.

Bashan Grand Canyon is still a huge natural botanical garden, with more than 3,000 high plants, including 1348 flavors, more than 30 kinds of rare plants, not only adding bright to the mountains, but also People offer a variety of natural fruit vegetables for consumption of more than 300.

奇 险

Bashan Grand Canyon (3 photos)

The number of scenic spots in the Bashan Grand Canyon, the most distinctive top ten The scenic spot attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists. The hundred beasts of the thousands of foreign countries are consisting of a wide range of rocks, and each stone is like a craftsman, it is lifelike! The majestic fairy rock stands in the top of the peak, and the bird is eye-catching. On the waterfront of Yangmine, a magical cave is named Guanyin Cave. This hole has a lot of beautiful myths, and it is told to date. If you want to know these legendary stories, you may wish to watch the local people in listening! Three hundred meters from Longquan, in front of the Qianjiang Dynasty, in the mountains and blue sky, the mountain rocks on both sides are always connected to a bridge, which is the famous Nantian Gate. At the two mountain waists in Nan Tianmen, each of the two miles, the water mist, the water mist, the water mist, the whole canyon is ready to survive the sky, this is the second dragon flying water! In the river, it is a famous old yellow mountain, and the scenery is not absolutely in Huangshan, Anhui. There is also a more amazing rhinoceros, I don't know, I watched it. Although just a mountain, it is so active. After this paragraph, I went to the first line of days, talking about this attraction, noon is the best moment, you don't want to see the sun, the full length is 500 meters, you can only see a bunch of direct shooting The river, clearly overlooking the fish and shrimps to swim. Let us take a look at the Panlong Cave. There is a stone clock milk in the cave. There is a dark river in the clear cave. There is a hole in the cave, and there is a cave in the hole, the bridge on the bridge, People are in a fairyland, and they have forgotten. Walking in the direction of the city, it is a rooster mountain, and a male chicken living away.

Bashan Grand Canyon

Historical Humanities

Old Huangshan

Legend has been a long time ago, the upstream Chengkou County is a very large lake, the Baoshan Grand Canyon is flat,

< P> The smoke is dense, and Yu Emperor is selected from the old Huangshan for the ground palace, and the incense is strong. After having the front river, the mountain steep people were thin, and the gods and Jade emperor were separated, and a famous mountain was re-created in Anhui, Huangshan, was named Huangshan. So here is called old Huangshan.

Every mountain is like a story that can't finish reading.

The former river originated from Chengkou County, Chongqing, and opened a hundred miles of Grand Canyon in the hill of the vast mountains, and the blue waves were rippling.

Equia spring

is a quaint spring in the upstream of Longquan Township, the water is always fighting with the big river, the river is rumored, the river is clear.

Legend has a long time ago, there is no canyon river. There is a large lake above the city, there is a dragon, and Chang Xingfeng is hurting the people. He said that he was in the old Huangshan, and he was in the people. He was in the law. He looked into the mountains. He Fang was poor chasing, and the dragon arched a long big mouth, and the lake water was diarrhea. Countless life. God blamed palace, moved to the elevated mountain to press the earth under the mountain. He Fang fell to the angry, expressed the decision of the dissatisfaction with God and the decision against the dragon.


Once drifted Longquan, Biqiao Guoyu, Natural Pleble Museum, raising in deep, the sea constructs hundreds of millions of years, the dangerous and beautiful, and the boiley of the Shuiyama poems.

rhinoceros 望 南 天 门, Bailong Wanzhang two-color spring, Baoren gathering Guanyin Cave, old Jun Baojian first-line day, rooster Swordsman, crocodile up the mountain iron threshold, eight count stone mouths falling Edge, Seven Jiuzijiu Rings.

has been accompanied by Longquan, drinking CD, singing, the bus is deep in the park. The movement of the movement, the peaks of the peaks, and the southwest wins, not the Three Gorges. Two stack three-fold ancient fossils, chicken king cavity fairy, flowing water Yunxia Erlong Waterfall, cloud steaming fog winding old Huangshan, Luhu Jinni doll fish, Shi Lang is ambassador disk,

Fan Wei General, Flying the wings to fly gods.

There is a dream-like Bail Grand Canyon, not a horseshollun 藏 藏, she is hidden in the depths of the Baba ---- Bailixia.

Project Development

Bashan Grand Canyon Tourism Poverty Alleviation Comprehensive Development Project In Sightseeing, Vacation, Experience, Sports as the Core Function, Highlights Billion, Millennium, 100 Years, Top Four Themes, Focus Create the four major regions of "Xikou Lake Ecological Sightseeing Area, Pakistan Valley Folk Recreation Area, Luo Du" Top Healthy Area, Taixi Valley Experience Resort.

The entire project is divided into two phases:

2016 to 2018 is the first phase of the project construction stage, open the Bashan Grand Canyon Expressway, develop the construction of the Luo Top Health Youth District And Taoxi Valley Experience Resort, build a ferry "style small town", build Xikou Lake, form Taixi Valley, Sangshu to Luo Top tourism ring line, strive to open the door outside the door, form "upper viewing ridge , The tourist attraction of the midst of the gorge of the gorge and the bottom of the Lake.

2019 to 2020 is the second construction stage, developed the construction of the Pakistan Valley folk leisure area, Xikou Lake Ecological Sightseeing Area, build the construction of the fairy, Chicaping and surrounding attractions, all domain construction Industrial patterns in the development of tourism as the engine and the three-yield linkage. After the project is completed, it can realize that the annual reception tourists have more than 2 million people, and the comprehensive income exceeded 3 billion yuan, increasing the employment of 12,000 people, and achieving the overall area of ​​90,000 poor people in the region.

Create 5A

2017, Dazhou City issued "Dazhou City Tourism Three-year Attacks Development Program (2017-2019)", this will be created by the end of 2019, Bashan Grand Canyon strive to create Country 5A tourist attractions.

In August 2018, the Bashan Grand Canyon created a national 5A tourist scenic spot accepted a view quality expert review in the Provincial Tourism Development Committee. Participants unanimously agreed to recommend the Bashan Grand Canyon to create a national 5A-level scenic spot. Subsequently, the Provincial Travel Police Committee will recommend the National Property Commission to participate in the National Landscape Quality Review of 5A Tourist Scenic Spots.

Bashan Grand Canyon is a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot, the national geological park, provincial nature reserve, is a mountain canyon-type natural scenic spot posted by the Karst rock landform. The Bashan Grand Canyon is expected to become the first national 5A-level scenic spot in Dazhou.

Scenic specialty

Bashan Grand Canyon Natural Ecology will be in the clouds, the temperature difference between day and night, abundant rainfall, soil loose fertile, rich in organizing, 3000 meters cloud / sun / rain Wild Tianma, Codonopsis, Huanglian, Mouliang, Yunmei, Tibetan Saffron, Longmei (Empty Dragon Bubble), Wild Yam, Alpine Namepe, Black Kidney Beans, Bamboo Bud, Honey, Walnut, Puqing Wine and Both bacon specialty, self-designed geographical environment, air fresh, drinking water source, the best quality of the sky, surrounded by the clouds, surrounded by the sky, is full of mouth-watering.

Scenic traffic

new high-speed interworking direct Tong Bashan Grand Canyon

At the end of 2015, Sichuan Provincial Communications Department has officially approved Between Dazhou Station and Xujiaba Station in Daman Expressway, there is a new interoperability, and Daxia is under construction (state) Xuan (Han) fast channel connection, straight through the Baoshan Grand Canyon.

Bashan Grand Canyon Expressway throughout the car

March 31, 2019, Baoshan Grand Canyon Toll Station in Xuanhan, Xuanhan, Bao Mao Expressway At the same time, the Bashan Grand Canyon Expressway is open to traffic. Since then, only 70 minutes from the Grand Canyon of Dazhou City!

Scenic mission

Sichuan tourism industry people believe that it is based on its own quality natural ecological resources and deep-thick Pakistan, the Bashan Grand Canyon is expected to develop into a typical and Sichuan Northeast Regional emerging tourist destination. The scenic spot will not only provide an important driving force for the upgrading of Xuan Hanyu, and the urban economic transformation, will also change the tourism pattern in the northeast of Sichuan, and provide experience in the development of the National Wenxin Poverty.

has been honorable

November 18, 2020, is elected "Chengyu Top Ten Wen Travel Industry Landmarks".

"2020 Sichuan's most popular netizens favorite network red card TOP100" top

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