Bao Dream Round Arena

Background Set

Game as an adventure stage in Outue area, the Outue area is not a wild treasure dream, all the treasures are imported from other places. .

Due to the secret plan of Shadow, many treasures in the Outrere region have become dark treasures, these treasures have been closed, becomes dark and violent, but with Bao Dream Various activities, Bao Dream's heart will gradually be open, and its vibration will gradually unconvert, but it can only be completely normal after full purification.

The game protagonist is a member of the captain, but it is tired of the captain of the team, so I stole the capture of the captain, I originally want to be with the sun Ib and the moon Far away, but accidentally encountered the girl Mi Ri, which can see the dark treasure dreams, and the income of the neighborhood of the employer's shadow of the employer, afterwards, Lei Ou started the battle with Shadow And to break their circles set by Fengwang Wei and Fengwang.

Unlike other games, this protagonist can use the eliance to capture the treasure dream of other trainers.

Reservation Specialty

Bao Dream Remote Arena Reservation Special Code is given in the form of special special code, the Japanese version is Ribby, the US version is Kira pray.

Appointment Special (3)

Japanese version of the special code is divided into two kinds, is the Reservation specialty treasure Dream circular arena extended CD and Reserve the specialty treasure Dream circular arena Renbian special disc. US version is a special disc of the pre-sale stage, including the game preview of the circular arena, the same year movie Bao Dream: Seven Night Wishing Star Killa 祈 Promotional Film, and Base Prafect the extension.

After the first round of the game and purifies all 48 dark treasures, put it into the special card to read the game record, then transfer the gift treasure to dream to the third generation of "Bao Dream" series of games, Where the Japanese version can be transferred to all versions, the US version can only be transferred to "Ruby / Blue Polish".

Each game record can only receive one. After the transfer, the record can no longer receive the reward. If you need to receive it again, you need to delete the record and re-customize the game.

Game details

  • This is the first aquarial series game with plot. Bao Dream Round Arena

    In the previous HAL Institute, I have tried to make a 3D treasure dream game with the plot on N64, but because of the failure of 64DD, this game item It is possible that the prototype of the circular arena series.

  • In the circular arena, the report record is on the computer in the center of Bao Dream.

  • This is a game of Bao Dream to Nintendo's way of expansion.

  • Bao Dream round isometric is earlier than the "Bao Dream Fire Red · Leaf Green", but the game contains red and leaf of fighting characters Modeling.

  • and treasure dream XD dark heart wind dark Lodia, the entire third generation Fengwang is a magic dream of no inactive capture channel, so this It has also become the way "Bao Dream Ruby · Sapphire" to get Fengwang, and it is also a way to "Bao Dream Fire Red · Leaf Green" and "Bao Dream Green Gem" does not pass activities. The appointment specialty is also a way to obtain the day-to-day non-active acquisition, while the overseas version can be given to Baowong Channel, with Pikawu, in addition to this special code.

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