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"Bank Product" will teach content project, modular, including commercial banks, generalized, bank product basics, retail bank products, corporate banking products. International Business Bank Products, Six Learning Projects of Electronic Banking Products. The first two projects are mainly cognitive on banks and bank products as a whole, and the main line is expanded around bank financial instruments and banking services. The latter four projects are based on the content of the banking business in the current practice activities and the setting of the banking department and the business support department, and the four types of banking products are specifically launched.

Bank products refer to all commodities associated with money-related, and currency, which are provided by bank financial institutions to meet people's desires and needs, are an important part of financial products. Unlike general products, banking products are largely invisible services, which are generated during the delivery process and stop presence at the end of the payment - although after the service itself is terminated, the benefits from the service are Can continue.

Book catalog

Learning situation 1 Commercial bank overall recognition

learning situation 2 Bank Product Basics

Learning Situation 1 Bank Product Definition and Features

Subcords 2 Bank Product Classification

Learning Situation 3 Retail Bank Products

Subcord 1 Asset Retail Bank Product

sub-learning situation 2 liabilities Retail bank products

sub-learning situation 3 Other retail bank products

Learning situation 4 Company Bank Product

Learning Situation 1 Asset Company Bank Products

Subcords 2 Other Unit Bank Products

Learning Situation 5 International Business Bank Products

Submptive Situation 1 International Costlean Bank Products

Subcords 2 International Trade Financing Bank Products

Subcord 3 Foreign Trade Business Bank Products

Learning Situation 6 Electronic Bank Product

sub-learning situation 1 Online Bank

sub-learning situation 2 mobile bank

sub-learning situation 3 phone bank

sub-learning situation 4 self-service bank

appendix securities, futures, banking related qualification exam


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