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Baidu Baidu actuarial use of big data, is committed to providing coverage of Internet advertising, consumer attitudes to advertising, and consumer behavior under the influence of advertising in a comprehensive analysis for the brand advertisers to provide professional, accurate, comprehensive and free marketing effectiveness solutions to help advertisers media decision-making, marketing optimization and advertising. ,



GRP (Gross Rating Point) is the vast number of brand advertisers recognized core indicators to measure the impact of television advertising. To illustrate the effect of Internet advertising to advertisers and advertising effectiveness compared with the line, iGRP Internet advertising emerged. Baidu actuarial provide iGRP analysis of the target audience, a comprehensive measure of advertising to whom (target audience), said (the target audience reach), say how many times (the target audience in contact frequency), and can and offline advertising what extent GRP comparison to help advertisers a comprehensive insight into the online brand advertising effectiveness.

target audience analysis:

Advertisers are increasingly concerned about online advertising measurable, target audience Baidu provides actuarial analysis, can accurately measure specific gender, age, advertising effectiveness geographical, academic audiences.

Baidu actuation

Baidu actuarial advantage target audience analysis:

1, Baidu large data advantage construct accurate Panel (sample database)

massive: sample library ten million middleweight

precise: the true nature of the sample heavy verify

aging: the sample database is updated monthly

2, Baidu technology, precision calculated target audience coverage

within the Panel multidimensional user attributes (gender, age, region, education) data were compared with the CNNIC authoritative report, use Baidu mature distributed computing frameworks, layer weights obtained weighted contrast.

back to search Analysis:

The average global ad click rate of 0.2%, and the remaining 99.8% not click on an ad does not mean there is no effect. How do you measure it?

Unlike traditional show click analysis, the effect is immediate monitoring after reading the ad - clicks on the ad; back to search Baidu actuarial analysis provided, after reading the advertisement by monitoring search behavior after a period of time to measure the effect of advertising time delay.

visual presentation:

Display ads on the page, often because the screen is not the first but did not enter the user's field of vision, so that did not meet the role of brand advertising communication. According to C3 Metrics research report statistics, more than 68% Display advertising has not been seen consumers.

Baidu actuarial can monitor your visual show that consumers see the advertising is more than 50% of the pixels and the number of more than 1 second duration.

to show the complete data from ad website:

Baidu Baidu statistics and actuarial open, seamless connection between advertising and website data, intelligence analysis after the advertising consumers throughout behavioral characteristics of the network, including clicks, search, reach the advertiser's site, browsing, registration, purchase, etc., multi-dimensional measure of advertising value.

opened to use

There are ad agencies or advertisers effect monitoring requirements, please visit the official website of Baidu actuarial subscribe.

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