Baden Hot Springs


Baden Hot Springs (5)

200 km from Zurich, you can take the train to Chur from Zurich, then turn to Ilanz / Disentis, from here, Paris goes directly to Spa


28 Swiss franc. Open at night every Tuesday.

Baden Hot Springs

Baden Hot Spa (3)


In Spa Hotel and nearby hotels, double room plus hot springs per person 100 to 165 Lang, while providing 1 day or 1 week.

History Connotation

The Romans have begun to enjoy this hot spring early 2000 (in Switzerland contains the most spa).

Baden Hot Springs (3)

located in Vals (Vals) village in nature and valley, 47 shares from 19 hot spa treatment of disease spring water, recipient People's body, spirit and emotions. Have a famous modern building Trus designed to build a super modern stone hot spring bath, architects with nearly 40,000 pieces of different tiles to put the hot spring pool wall unique. Its internal structure enables people to enter a feeling of the original temple. It is the only hot spring center built in Switzerland, which is integrated with beautiful scenery and mysterious atmosphere outside the house. Walles (VALS) is a small village that retains a good and stone top house. Here is a long-known hot spring center that is widely known from the Roman era. The relics of the Roman bath have been discovered, and it is still possible to feel the atmosphere of the traditional bathhouse in Europe. The area is built in the springs in the stone built in 1996. A famous hotel visiting Haizi-Veneca Houf, you can enjoy a big hot spring pool or sauna.

Opening hours

Open 7 o'clock in the hotel guests every day.

Baden Hot Springs (3)

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