Automatic Identification

Automatically recognize English

auto Identification, usually with data acquisition Data Collection, called AIDC

Automatic Identification


automatic identification : Barcode reading, radio frequency identification, biological identification (face, speech, fingerprint, vein), image identification, OCR optical character recognition

automatic identification system almost covered all aspects in modern life. And Have a large development space. Among them, common applications include: barcode printing equipment and scanning equipment. The application of mobile phone QR code. Fingerprint anti-theft lock. Automated container. Automatic coinbox .POS machine, etc.


< P> RFID RF recognition is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically identifies target objects through RF signals and acquires related data, identifying no manual intervention, can operate in various harsh environments. RFID technology recognizes high-speed moving objects and can simultaneously identify multiple labels, and quick and easy.

The chief scientist of Accenture Labs Ferguson believes that RFID is a breakthrough technique: "First, single product grade identification, you can identify specific objects, rather than identifying a type of object like a barcode; Second, it uses radio radio frequency, which can penetrate the packaging material to read data, and the barcode must read information by image recognition; third, the plurality of objects can be read, while the barcode can only be read. In addition, the amount of information stored is also very large. "

Alternatively, macro said, including multiple types of identification, such as magnetic strip, barcode, infrared, RF, bar code, etc. Wait. RFID is a hot technology that automatically identifies.

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