Audit Regulations on the Administration of the Department of Departments in the State Council

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This regulation is implemented from January 1, 1997. On February 16, 1994, the "Notice on the Audit Office in the State Council's relevant departments of the State Council" and the "Administrative Measures for the Administration of Audit Audit Audit Office on January 23, 1995) were also abolished at the same time. This provision is explained by the Audit Office.

Management System

(1) The institutional settings, personnel preparations, and leadership of the residential department, and the number of leadership will be under the audit department, and the room setting is approved by the Audit;

(2) The residential department of the resident departments, according to the authorization of the Audit, conduct audit supervision, responsible for the Audit, and reports.

Article 5 of the resident departments sent agencies to fulfill their duties, and allocated by the Audit Department through the Personnel Department, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration Administration to the Office of the Office, office facilities and logistics. Solved in the department.

The main responsibilities of Article 6 of the resident departments are:

(1) Executive Audit Work Regulations and Audit Work decision;

(2) Audit supervision of the financial revenue and economic benefits of the enterprise, institutions determined by the Audit Audit, and its economic benefits;

(3) Financial, in the industry management of the department, Specific matters relating to financial revenue, special audit surveys or organize internal audit institutions to conduct industry audits, and suggest opinions and suggestions for industry management;

(4) for the relevant audit work policy, policy Important issues, as well as new situations and new problems in the reform, should promptly request reports to the Audit;

(5) Responsible for leading the internal audit work in the departments directly under the enterprise institutions, and to the industry Audit work for business guidance and supervision;

(6) According to the Audit Law and relevant laws, regulations, the system has established regulations, institutions of this system, system, and after reviewing the audit approved, In the department leaders approved;

(7) Handling Audit and Audit Audit Restrieving the Leadership Leaders.

Working program

(1) Demoving an annual audit project plan, reporting after approved by the Audit Office;

(2) in accordance with the "Audit" The audit procedure conducts audit supervision, the audit opinion and audit decision, must report the Audit Audit.

(3) The audit decision made by the audit unit for the residential distribution agency, belongs to the audit. The Audit Audit Office was handled by the Audit Office, and the Audit Office of the Audit Office was concluded, which belongs to the audit of the resident department. It is handled by relevant regulations;

Audit Regulations on the Administration of the Department of Departments in the State Council

(4) in time To the Audit Office, the annual work plan and statistical system specified in the report, the year and annual work summary, reports on the report, job information, briefing, dynamics such as audit matters.

The cadres of the unit dispatched agency, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of China, and the administrative privileges are implemented in accordance with the following provisions:

(1) Appointment and dismissal of the local cadres Responsible by the Audit, the transfer of the local cadres, exchanged by the Audit and Residents in the department;

(2) cadres below (including the level);

(3) Selection and management of the backup cadres is responsible for the resident and audit department;

(4) Cadres' party group organization relationship, reward, welfare treatment, salary adjustment, file, etc. Daily management work is responsible for the resident department and is implemented in accordance with the Interim Regulations of the National Civil Servants and the relevant provisions.

Appointment and dismissal procedure

The cadres of the unit dispatched agency, executes:

(1) Appitation and Disposal of the Startial Cadre, by the Audit Or Resident in the department, the parties were put forward, and the two sides were discovered;

(2) The local cadres who were proposed in the departmental party group, after the Audit Department's party research decision, reported to the CPC Central Committee, and approval. It belongs to the job, the recent investigation of materials and "Cadres Appointment Report", belongs to the "Cadre Report";

(3) Audit Responsible for issuing the office of the local cadres Free notice, and call the station department. Before handling any customer-free proceed, the local cadre is talked by the Audit or resident departmental leadership;

(4) Appointment and dismissal of the departmental cadres shall be decided by the department, and the free notice is issued, and copied Audit;

(5) Management authority and appointment and dismissal procedures at all levels, and the procedures shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant administrative leadership of the same level.

Article 10 of the department's cadres assessment work, follow the following requirements:

(1) according to the national civil servants should have the national civil servant should have the de, energy, diligence, performance standards, assessment The political quality, business level and assessment of cadres, key assessment political performance and work performance;

(2) When adjusting the equip, the Audit Office is jointly assessing, and the department The following (including the level) cadres are responsible for being responsible by the department;

(3) The usual assessment and annual assessment of the cadres is responsible for the department;

(4) The assessment results are based on the appointment and dismissal, reward and punishment, and adjust the basis of cadres' position.

Removed circumstances [H2>

The cadres of the departments sent agencies to retreat (depart), follow the following regulations:

(1) Anyone who reaches the national regulations ( Departure of the age of the age, the implementation of the relevant national retire (departure) system, the local cadres are removed by the Audit Office, resident in the department for retreat;

(b) exceeds the return ( Departure the position of the age, due to the work needs to be reserved, after consultation with the Department of Audit and the Office of the Communist Party of China;

(3) below the level (including level ) Cadre's retreat (departure) work, by resident department;

(four) political, life, etc. after the cadre retire (depart), and shall be implemented according to the relevant provisions of the department.

The auditors of the residential police station must apply for auditing and abide by the State Council and the Audit Office's provisions and other work disciplines, and comply with the "auditors 'auditors' professional ethics guidelines".

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