Atal Bihari Vajpai

synonym Waja Pai generally refers to Atal Bihari Waja Pail

Character Life

December 25, 1924, Atal Bihari Waja Irai was born in the middle of India.

He has a master's degree in literature in a college in Northern Bon Campl County, and after the University of Lanknow, in the youth period, it is very active in the teenage, and has been held in short-term in the British colonial authority. Although it was originally attracted by communism, he realized that after the Communist Party supported the creation of Pakistan in the 1940s.

After law school dropout, in 1942 to participate in a Hindu religious organization "National servants will", which is a self-defense force was created in 1925 to protect Hindus during the riots and to promote Hindu culture. Participate in the Indian University of India in the same year. After the arrest of the independent movement, it will be released.

in 1947, from the National People's Party, specializing in the national "public servant" work.

In 1951, Wajpaj joined the People's League, and the leader of the People's Alliance Parliament Party Group and Chairman. Due to the opposition to the country's internal and external policies, he is imprisoned many times.

in 1977, participating in the work of the People's Party. During the Dedeat and other people's cabinets, the foreign ministers were established because of improving the relationship with Pakistan and China.

In April 1980, withdraw from the People's Party and established the Indian People's Party, the chairman and the leader of the party's party group. But his gentle view was suppressed by the tough hardcore in Hindu. He is one of the indiscriminate leaders who stand out against the 1992 to destroy the Axi Muslim annea.

Since 1957, he has been elected as a member of the People's Garden or the Federal Institute. In May 1996, Waja Papei sworn as the prime minister, but because of the other party support, he is only here Waiting for 13 days.

In 1998, the 12th large election of the Indian People's Court, the Indian People's Party won again, and Wajapai has been a prime minister.

In October 1999, with the BJP as the core, made jointly by the 24 National League for Democracy party won a landslide victory in the 13th general election, Vajpayee third time as prime minister.

In June 2018, Waja Pyin was admitted to the National Research Institute of the General Industry Medical Science, and then entered the close observation.

From August 15, 2018, Vajpai is critical, relying on medical equipment to maintain life.


Main achievements

In the six years of Vajpa, his government has achieved considerable performance.

He vigorously promotes the economic reform of India to make the Indian economy grow rapidly. After the outbreak of the East Asian financial crisis in 1997, the Indian economy was still growing at a speed of not less than 5%. From 1998 to 2003, the growth rate of Indian economy has maintained around 6.5%, and became the second rapid development after China. nation.

He basically adheres to the principle of secularism and safeguards the stability of the country. The Indian People's Party he led has a close relationship with deal. However, after Vajpai took office, the pressure from the right-wing nationalist from the opposition party and the people's party, and adhered to the secularism principles stipulated in the Constitution, and the general fairness and reasonable fairness of the dispatch of the school conflict.

In order to achieve the Dado Dream of India, Waja Papei pays attention to the development of military strength. In 1998, he came to stand up, India conducted five nuclear tests in three days. There is a consolidated its political power, and the external deterrent Pakistan and the intention to fight against China have been condemned by the international community, but this move has also caused special attention to India in the world. Since the year has improved military expenditure, the Armament in India has strengthened, which makes India have become a world-class military big country.

In the international, he carries out a big country diplomacy, improving the relationship between neighboring countries. In a speech in 2001, Vajpayee said: "The lessons of the Cold War and the lessons do not end

He started the peace process with arch-rival Pakistan, and the United States established a strategic cooperative partnership forward. The rapid development of China's relationship, strengthens the traditional relationship between India, and has established a dialogue relationship with the EU and ASEAN.

Vajpa is in Parliament trust on April 17, 1999 In voting, the Government of Waja Pari was defeated with a difference in 1 vote, and he made a resignation to President Naraian, but still served as Prime Minister of Detention Cabinet.

Focus Album

1998 After the second time I was elected for the second time of the second time, I did two months after the second time I was elected, and I did five months of nuclear test (May 11 and 13), broke the record of the 24-year non-nuclear test in India, so that the world is shocked. Subsequently, Pakistan immediately tied to six nuclear tests on May 28 and 30. In February 1999, in order to slow the tension relationship between India, Waja Papei launched "bus" diplomacy, take public The car went to Pakistan to visit.

In May 1999, the Indian armed conflict occurred between the India, in May 1999, India dispatched a large number of fighters and armed helicopters in India. The area is in an air blow, and there are more than 1,000 people in the fourth Site. In the 10 weeks, there are more than 1,000 people.

December 13, 2001, the Indian Parliament Building was attacked by terrorist attacks The Print believes that this is the terrorist of Pakistan. Soon more than 1,000 kilometers of India, both sides have exceeded 800,000 to 1 million troops, and the sword is arrogant. But in the south of January 5, 2002 At the League Summit, Pakistan President Musharraf has extended the "Handship of Friendship" to Indian Prime Minister Vajpai.

In February 2002, the World Hindu Conference was reconstructed in Aashionia, India. Mount Temple rallies, caused great discontent of Muslims. the two sides clashed, leading to more than 700 people were killed. after that, the Vajpayee government to discourage, "World Hindu Congress" to change the Rama temple to be held in the mosque ruins "foundation Ceremony "Plan. Conflict Terminal Pixabay.

Indian Communication

Wajapai: Need to realize the true potential of China's partnerships

Indian China will be to promote the establishment of cooperation, multi-polar international order partner

as the first Indian Prime Minister in China since 1993, talking At the current international situation, Prime Minister Wajapa Pell, in the past 10 years, the international situation has undergone tremendous changes. The technical revolution has not only greatly promoted the rapid development of productivity and economy, but also caused the country to produce within the country. The problem of digital divide. Therefore, while the process of globalization is inevitably advanced, people have diluted the enthusiasm of globalization due to the disappointment of the inconsistency of interest distribution. Global terrorism and Iraq issue occurred They have shown the urgency of establishing a cooperative, multi-polar international order. The Prime Minister of Waja Paul believes that this cooperation, multi-polar international order should be based on diversified and consensus, which will allow all members' interests and desire to legalize. And the two countries will be the partner country that promotes the order.

Realizes the true potential of the Printing Partnership

When talking about the relationship between Indian countries, the Prime Minister of Waja Pauli said that as a neighbor The two countries have a long-standing civilization, history, religion, culture, and economic contacts, especially in the extensive field in a wide range in recent years. He believes that in recent years, the two countries have begun a diversified process of bilateral relations. At present, bilateral dialogue is not only concentrated in a range of people who are conducive to cooperation between the two countries, but also related to a series of international affairs such as terrorism, safety, environment, sustainability, and multilateral economic system. The economic and trade relations between the two countries are also increasing in healthy development, culture, education, technology, media, and tourism. While solving the differences between the two sides, the Indian countries are successfully looking for a fruitful cooperation road, which is a sign of two civilized ancient people.

The Prime Minister Wajapai said that for India and China's scale, population, human resources and economic power, existing cooperation is just a few steps leading to the long-term and hopes. . The two countries need to work harder, further promote economic development, seek to establish multi-polarization of international order, to deal with globalization, combating terrorism and violence against the two countries, and achieve the true potential of the inline partnership.

On the issue of further promoting and strengthening the exchange of printed exchanges, the Prime Minister Waja Paul said that in recent years, India China has been in the field of bilateral communication in trade, culture, tourism and sports. Available. He hopes to meet with the Chinese leaders, both sides will further expand and deepen the willingness of the two countries in these areas and some new areas. He believes in this point, both leaders have a common wish.

China's achievements have a value of India.

Vajpa Tempi Premier believes that since he visited China as a foreign minister in 1979, China has everything Possible fields are developing forward. He hoped to use the opportunity to visit China, witnessed the Chinese people in the past 20 years, have achieved significant results in the field of economic development and scientific and technological progress. Prime Minister Waja Paul believes that China's great achievements have many places worth learning from India.

On the issue of India, the Prime Minister of Waja Pauli said that he has repeatedly stated that India is willing to develop peace, friendship and cooperative relations with Pakistan. He believes that the two countries in India will focus on economic development and peaceful coexistence, and will benefit the two countries.

On the issue of regional cooperation and establishing India-ASEAN Free Trade Area, the Tagja Tempan said that India is currently discussing with ASEAN countries and establishing a free trade zone. India has been working hard to promote economic cooperation in South Asia, and have reached trade agreements with some southern South Asia, and he firmly believes in South Asian regional economic integration will benefit the people of the Fuzhong Asian.

Election Failure

June 13, 2004, 3 weeks of Indian People's Court elections were announced. The opposition Party "Indian National Conference Party" led by Sonia Gandhi (the National People's Party "(the National University Party) was unexpectedly defeated the National Democratic Alliance of Atar Bihari Vajpai, replacing the People's Party as the Parliament A big party has obtained the right to form a cabinet. In the face of such a result, the Indian People's Party that went to the world can only recognize failure, and the Prime Minister Wajapa is submitted to the Indian President Karam and has been consent.

In this election, the People's Party has won the full win in the elections in a few regions such as Rajasthan, in most regions in the elections. The heavyweight figures in Government, other governments such as Foreign Minister, are lost in the elections.

Prime Minister Wajpai defeated the opponent at the absolute advantage in his own constituency, but with the national democratic alliance lost in the election, Waja Papei had to decide to resign.


Vajpa is a bachelor, unmarried, politics is his loyal partner. But this doesn't mean that he can't enjoy the family's happiness. There is a healthy woman in the Nagjai knee, named Nama, and daughter married to boyfriends who met with acquaintance for 6 years in 1983. Hamer introduced in an article, Bji (Vajpai's nickname) is naturally a person who loves his family. Even when he is the busiest government, he can take time to stay with family members. Together. Vajpai is very pet to the daughter, always takes the nanota learning and life as much as possible. When Hamer in 1977 for the first time went into this family, Vajpayee fully respect her daughter's choice, despite stern at the beginning, but then he and the young man established a profound friendship, and sometimes even each other Open some jokes.

Character evaluation

Vajpa is joined twice, and the peak of Indian politics. He is not a life, it is simple, and he is clear; he is a member of the dupidist organization - a member of the National Volunteer Service Group, but not a radical sect; Western reporters have said that he will meet, the memory is poor, in fact He is very wisdom, in the complicated political situation, it solves a problem with another problem, more building; he insists on talking in various international sites, national costumes, the national costumes, his feelings, literary and learning speech Can touch the hearts; he is just just in the softness, be good at dealing with various people, make friends.

Character Works

As a poet, writing poetry is an important part of Wajpa, even if these works do not necessarily publicize. According to Hamer introduction, the more busy government is busy, the more the struggle is, the more frequently written by Wajpai is. Especially when I celebrate my birthday, the Prime Minister of this poet will always write one or two poems to the daughter. He has published many new poems such as "Poetry", "My 51 Poetry", and its poems are very popular among the ordinary people in India, and many people can recite them in the name of the Hindi.

The character passed by

On August 16, 2018, the former Indian Prime Minister Vajpai died at the age of 93.

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