Arnold Sodi


Sommerfeld, Arnoldjohanneswilm

Arnold Sodi (1868 ~ 1951) Germany physicist. On December 5, 1868, born in Russia (now Russia Galoningrad); Munich, Bavana, April 26, 1951. Higher contribution to the theory of atomic structure and atomic spectrum. For the movement of the gyro, the spread of electromagnetic waves is in the diffractive force one) and a certain achievement.

Sodi is replaced by the influence of Lenqin to replace the position of Bolzman in the University of Munich. His main interest in X-rays and gamma rays, Laure is carried out under his drive.

In 1916, he made amendments to Boir's theory, which introduced an elliptical orbit of Electronics. When making such amendment, he applied Einstein's relativity to high-speed sports, this, The quantum of the relativism and Prance found its location in this atom model. It is often called this atomic model to Bol-Son.

In 1886, he was mainly written in Konisburg University. After 1891, he won his Ph.D., he served in the University of Gorin Tingen. In 1897, he served as Mathematics Professor, 1900, 1900 Professor, Afen Technical College. In 1906, he served as a professor of theoretical physics of Munich University. During the work of Munich, he did the most important research work, proposed with an elliptical orbit replaces the circular orbit of the Bolster atom, introduces the concept of spatial quantization of the track, and successfully explain the fineness of the hydrogen atom spectrum and heavy elements X-ray spectrum. Structure and normal seman effects (see the end of the end of the Equivalent elliptical track). His metal electronic theory, the study of temperature difference and metal conductivity is valuable. Sony is a good teacher, student P.j.w. Dubai, W.K. Heisenberg, W. Bubble and H.A. Bert and others also won the Nobel Prize. The end of the Sony Fair is opposed to the anti-Semism in Nazi Germany and the so-called "German physics", and it is fearlessly expressed his clear position. The Nazi publication has attacked him to "the agent of Jewish culture in the cultural world."

Sony Fei Fei is causing the dead after a car crashed from April 26, 1951.

Character achievement

Quantum mechanics and atomic physics open the ancestor, found a fine structure constant, an important constant of electromagnetic interactions. Won the Max Plank Medal, the Lorentzmedal, OstedMedal.

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