Armored vehicle engineering

Synonym armored vehicle engineering generally refers to armored vehicle engineering

Professional definition

armored vehicle engineering mainly research armored vehicle system design, technology development, manufacturing, performance testing, etc. Skills, the development and design of armored vehicles, power devices, protective devices, ad hoc devices, etc., have been served in national defense military. For example: the design and manufacturing of armored vehicles such as arms, reconnaissance vehicles, communication vehicles, automatic fire, automatic navigation, stealth, etc., armored car ad hoc devices.

Armored vehicle engineering

Curriculum system

"Engineering Material Basics", "Electrical Engineering", "Fluid Mechanics", "Mechanical Vibration", "Automatic Control Theory", "Car internal combustion engine "," Tank Science "," Hydraulic and Hydraulic Transmission "," Wheel Vehicle Technology "," Modern Vehicle Experiment ".


Employment orientation

Military Class A units: design and manufacturing, laboratory testing, manufacturing engines, armor protection technology motorized weapons and armored vehicles. Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Weapon Science and Technology.

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